Meaning of the flag and coat of arms of Colombia

Meaning of the flag and coat of arms of Colombia

The colombian flag It is part, together with the shield and the national anthem, of the national symbols of this country, it is made up of three colored stripes, the first being the widest. As an image that identifies a nation, it is used in governmental, civil, diplomatic and military events. Colombia is a country located in South America, with a presidential form of government and its flag, like most, has undergone some changes since its constitution as a country, until now. In OneHowTo we show you what the meaning of the flag and shield of Colombia.

Meaning of the flag of Colombia

As we have seen previously, the Colombia’s flag It has undergone various transformations, although it still maintains its colors. The origin of the tricolor is due to the Venezuelan general Francisco de MirandaHis idea was that these colors represent various Latin American regions that were in the process of becoming independent.

On the other hand, the meaning of each color is attributed to the politician and scientist Francisco Antonio Zea, who declared it during the Congress of Angostura in 1819. In this, important decisions were made on the distribution of the capitals of the countries, electing presidents and vice-presidents, as well as establishing a constitution.

Although the interpretation that Zea gave to the colors of the flag are not currently referred to. The meaning of the colors of the flag of Colombia are as follows:

  • Yellow: This strip occupies half the width of the flag and represents wealth, harmony, sovereignty and sunlight as a source of light.
  • Blue: symbolizes the sky and the rivers that surround this country. It should be noted that Colombia is the only country in South America surrounded by two oceans the pacific and the atlantic.
  • Red: represents the blood that the patriots shed in the battles to achieve freedom, it also means love, strength, progress and power.

It should be noted that according to some decrees The flag of Colombia will have different characteristics depending on the use that is given to it, either by civilians, military or diplomats.

Meaning of the flag and shield of Colombia - Meaning of the flag of Colombia

Meaning of the coat of arms of Colombia

Officially at Colombia’s shield It is known as the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Colombia and is another of the insignia of this country, in addition to the flag and the national anthem. Its origin is from 1834 and only the government and state institutions can make use of this. The meaning of the coat of arms of Colombia is as follows:

  • Upper girdle: with a Swiss shape, it consists of three equal stripes. The upper strip bears a pomegranate, which recalls the name that Colombia bore until the middle of the 19th century. New Granada. On the sides of this are two horns of abundance, one with gold coins and the other with tropical fruits, representing the wealth and abundance of the country, respectively.
  • Middle girdle: it has a Phrygian cap of red color, which symbolizes the spirit of the republic and freedom.
  • Lower girdle: the isthmus of Panama is visualized, in addition the two oceans that surround Colombia are represented. And the candles symbolize trade with other countries.
  • Doorbell: in this space a condor is located, which is the bird of the country and represents freedom. In addition, the words freedom and order are appreciated, which is the national motto.

What made up the tenant of this shield, that is, the four Colombian flags that surround it are not an integral part of it.

Meaning of the flag and shield of Colombia - Meaning of the shield of Colombia

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