Meaning of QUARTZs according to their COLOR

Meaning of quartz according to its color

Quartz is one of the most abundant and well-known minerals in the world due, in part, to the fact that since ancient times it has been attributed a large number of properties and very beneficial uses. Many of these uses, in fact, are related to the energy and protection that various precious stones and amulets provide us.

However, these attributes may vary, since quartz occurs in different colors and each tonality has a different meaning. From a HOWTO, we are going to explain the meaning of quartz according to its color And also, we will discover what exactly quartz is and its different uses so that you know when you can use its help.

What is quartz

As we have commented previously, quartz is a mineral that is characterized by being composed of silica. It is one of the most common in the earth’s crust, which means that quartz is present in many rocks.

Among its properties, one stands out remarkable hardnessas it can even scratch steel, as well as great resistance to weathering on the Earth’s surface. This mineral is used, for example, in jewelry and in various businesses that are dedicated to decoration, where above all quartz is chosen in its purest state, also called rock crystal. Do you know how you can perceive the purity of quartz? You can mostly perceive this feature by its transparency.

However, quartz is not always in its pure state, since it is possible that there are other mineralizations or crystallizations inside it, which is appreciated by the presence of white clouds or the appearance of different colors.

Meaning of quartz according to its color - What is quartz

Uses and meaning of quartz

Throughout the centuries, quartz has been used for different uses and has had various meanings, which is why it is a mineral that has been closely linked to healers, sorceresses, witches or shamans, among others.

This has made quartz have many healing properties and related to esotericism. These stones are considered as:

  • Energy stones: because they repel bad energies and attract good vibrations.
  • Protective Stones: Because quartz is believed to ward off bad energies, it is believed to be a protective mineral for those who wear it.
  • Healing properties: quartz is a cold stone that is believed to favor the encounter of inner peace. It is a mineral that has also been used to heal various parts of the body from some ailments, something also closely linked to the positive energy emitted by the stone.
  • Quenches thirst: in ancient China it was believed that this mineral could quench the sensation of thirst in people and animals. This was believed, especially in the case of transparent quartz.
Meaning of quartz according to its color - Uses and meaning of quartz

Meaning of quartz according to its color

As we have commented previously, quartz can be found in different shades, each one having a specific meaning. These are the most common colors and meanings:

  • Transparent quartz: This quartz is considered to attract positive energies more strongly than the others, as it is the purest quartz.
  • White quartz: the meaning of the white quartz stone is that it helps to purify various places, also promoting more peace and calm in them. This mineral is also used to combat stress, anxiety and deep states of sadness. It is also widely used for meditation and is believed to help improve memory.
  • Pink quartz: love is the word that always appears when talking about the meaning of rose quartz. And it is that properties are attributed to attract and maintain this complex and desired feeling. However, it is important to note that this mineral is also ideal for learning to love yourself. Rose quartz thus promotes self-esteem and confidence, eliminates negative energies and keeps people away from negative feelings and envy.
  • Blue quartz: blue quartz is the one that is most strongly linked to calm and relaxation. It is ideal if your work transmits nerves or discomfort and you want to attract more tranquility.
  • Green quartz: the meaning of green quartz is prosperity. However, there are also amulets made with it or that contain it and that are for hope, which also extends to the people you have around you.
  • Purple quartz– Purple quartz or lilac quartz also has a very specific meaning. In this case, its properties are associated with spirituality and meditation, so if you are looking for your inner peace, we recommend that you carry this stone with you always.
  • Smoky quartz: This quartz, which is recognized as having shades between brown and greyish, is associated with spiritual development. If you do not have a purple quartz on hand, it may serve you in the same way, since it has very similar properties.
  • Citrine quartz: Citrine quartz is also known as yellow quartz. Its meaning is associated, once again, with the tranquility and growth of the spirit. The main objective of this quartz is to balance the mind and spirit with the body, so it is an ideal mineral to find stability in your life.
  • Colored quartz: colored quartz or multicolored quartz have several meanings. His most common conceptions are creativity, good communication and well-being. If you are an introvert and want to improve your communication skills or want to enhance your creativity, this type of quartz is what you are looking for.

With these explanations about the meaning of quartz according to its color, we hope we have helped you, from UNCOMO, to better understand this mineral so that you learn to use it correctly in each situation.

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