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McKesson Earnings: Here’s Why Shares Slipping NowFebruary 22 2020 More Articles Ariana Grande is certainly one of a kind. You’re not going to confuse her for any other star from her signature high ponytail to her dramatic dating history to her complicated family relationships. It’s not a common name in the same theme “Grande” and some fans wonder where it comes from and what that suggests about her heritage. It turns out the name of Grande says a lot about her history and that means a lot to her. Ariana Grande changed her name

Figure 1 Ariana Grande David Crotty / Patrick McMullan from the full name of Getty Images Grande to Ariana Grande-Butera initially. Her hyphenated surname was a mixture of last names from her parent. At the start of her career she dropped the portion of the name Butera from her father. It’s not clear whether she did so because she was strangled from her father for a while, or just to make things simpler. Grande may not have a middle name, because her parents decided that three names were enough. Her parents come from a single nation

Grande was born in Florida, so she was 100% American, but both sides of her family came from Italy originally. The surname Grande comes from northern Italy, although in Spain and Portugal it is also found. Grande is derived for “large” from the Italian name, and is used as a nickname for anyone who is big in size or reputation. The name Butera comes from Sicily in southern Italy, which derives from a town’s name. Grande refers to both areas in the south of Italy as half Sicilian and half Abruzzian. His pronunciation is in fact an Americanized variant of the old Italian name, but Grande would still prefer to use his version simply because it reminds her of it.

She lives her her heritage … even when she does not

See this article on Instagram Nonna’s husband Frank died in 2014 and Grande sees him as a significant influence in her life. Grande attributes her talent to both grandparents. Grande’s descent to Italy is an important part of who she is. It keeps her linked to her family which for her is a source of strength. Even though she is not always interested in all her Italian forbearers have passed down their legacy that still lives on in her.