Mbappé gets into trouble in Metz

Mbappe had a bad gesture after Achraf sign an agonizing triumph. The Frenchman made fun of the Metz goalkeeper in the celebration of a goal that brought consequences. Oukidja he launched into the race for the PSG footballer, enraged by his ways. There was a little ruckus in one of the corners of the stadium where the box of Pochettino celebrated the final 1-2. Marquinhos he had to enter the scene to separate the two protagonists.

The chop between Mbappe and Oukidja started minutes before. Bondy’s man came close to scoring a goal on a malicious assignment after Metz sent the ball out for one of their players to be taken care of. In the subsequent play, the PSG star launched a Vaseline that did not surprise the local goal by little, forced to react with a meritorious save. In that first set, discord was forged between the two.

After the clash, the Metz coach also lashed out at Mbappe: “He would have to behave better if he wants to be a beloved footballer. I love his way of playing, it’s really good, but it would benefit him to be more humble, “he said. Frédéric Antonetti, who was expelled in the match discount for his repeated complaints to the referee regarding the unfortunate episode of Mbappe. His mockery has not liked anything in France.