Marion Jones – Biography of Marion Jones

Marion jones is a well-known former athlete of American origin, famous for having won three gold medals in Sydney 2000, who subsequently had to return due to a doping trial.

Marion jones was born October 12, 1975 in the populous city of The Angels, located in the state of California, USA.

At just 15 years old, he made an impressive entry into the world athletics rankings, setting one of the top 20 times of the day.

Once he finished high school, he joined the LA basketball team. University of North Carolina, with which she came out as national champion in 1994.

After putting this streak of sport aside, he returned to the running tracks to show that he had definitely not lost any of his previous skill. This was totally taken for granted, when in 1997 won the gold medal in 100 meters in the Athens World Championships.

More and more joys came to his life when the following year he achieved the second best record in history in the 100 meter and 200 meter categories. To crown the year, she married the shot putter. CJ Hunter.

Already with such personal records, he had to start setting new goals, so for the Sydney 2000 Olympics He said he would try to win 5 gold medals. In the end he got three of these and two bronze, giving him the best performance of his life.

After the Olympics, her husband was accused of having used illegal substances during the competitions, so she was also put in the sights of all the judges.

This led to the divorce of the couple in the 2001, after which he started dating Tim montgomery, the fastest man in the world 2002. They both got married at the end of that year.

In the 2003, Jones did not participate in any type of competition as she was preparing to give birth to her first child whom she decided to call Tim.

Unfortunately towards the 2003 an investigation in your country declared illegal a substance called Tetrahydrogestrinone, which had been consumed by Jones for many years, as stated by the head of the laboratories Balco.

The controversy hung over his head, preventing him from participating in the new games of Athens in the 2004, and much less in the 2005, when things were still very murky.

In the 2006 she participated in some competitions, but did not have any record appreciable enough to place her at the top again. At the end of that year he announced that he planned to retire from the sport because of all the accusations of which he was targeted.

His career came to an end in October 2007, when he pleaded guilty to having used the substance THG during Sydney 2000, for which he had to return his three gold medals and the two bronze medals.

All your competitions from September 1, 2001 they were annulled, for which all the points and recognitions that he had received had to be withdrawn. After this, he decided to leave athletics forever.