Lupe Vlez – Biography of Lupe Vlez

On July 18, 1908, María Guadalupe Villalobos Vélez, known in the world of cinema as Lupe Vélez, was born in the city of San Luis de Potosí, in Mexico.

She was the daughter of Jacobo Villalobos Reyes and Josefina Vélez. His father was a military member of the Revolution and his mother an opera singer.

Since I was a child, Lupe had communication problems with her classmates, and, when she was in puberty, her parents decided to transfer her to a new school, this one a little more severe with education, but, since it was located very close to the State of Texas, it served Lupe to learn English.

Little after the death of his father, and when she was only 15 years old, Lupe began to work to support the family finances.

Josefina, Lupe’s mother, presented her with her sister, also called Josefina, to some aptitude tests that the actress María Conesa did.

The test went well Lupe was offered her first opportunity in 1925, giving her a role in the show Bataclan.

That same year, he moved to Texas and there he met Richard Bennett, father of actresses Joan Bennett and Constante Bennett. She did a test for the function “La Paloma”, which turned out very well and left the producers very satisfied, who decided to choose her among all the candidates presented. However, Lupe could not participate in the show, due to a problem with her visa, and was replaced by another actress older than her.

After dancing in various shows, the Mexican actress meets Harry Rapf, who at that time was a producer for the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer company, who decided to perform some tests on her, which were seen by Hail Roach, another Pathé Pictures producer, who hires her to take part in various short films of “The fat and the skinny”.

Lupe, from that moment, began to be called to intervene in other films, such as El Gaucho, in 1927, together with Douglas Fairbanks.

During the following years, cI would start working with other renowned directors, as is the case with Victor Fleming or DW Griffith.

In 1929, he starred in his first sound film, “Tigre Rose” and shortly after “East in West”, along with Edgard G. Robinson.

At the beginning of the 30s, Vélez, after having starred in several films, moves to England to represent the play “Tho Morals of Marcus and Gypsy Melody,” with very little box office success.

In 1933 she married Johnny Weissmuller, a marriage that lasted almost 6 years. The divorce was, apparently, the consequence of a very gruesome relationship, since on numerous occasions Johnny had to hide the excesses of blows and scratches that Lupe left him with makeup.

In 1936, he moved to Broadway, where he performed in various roles until 1938.

It had already been two years since Vélez had met Arturo Córdova, with whom she was deeply in love. But, after the separation with Johnny and the press had aired the relationship that existed between them, Córdova’s wife refused to separate from him, so Lupe ended up leaving the relationship.

In the 40s, the RKO hired her again, this time to star in some comedies of the so-called “B-series”.

In 1944, Lucia discovers with amazement that she is pregnant and that she does not find any suitor to marry her, situation that at that time was not tolerated nor spoiled by the puritan American society, and much less in the world of cinema, so on December 13, and after having invited a large number of friends to a private party, Lupe left after the dinner, wrote a suicide note and took a fatal dose of Seconal.