Luis Tosar – Biography of Luis Tosar

Luis López Tosar was born in Xustás, Cospeito, Lugo, Galicia in Spain, the October 13, 1971. Still very young, he left his birthplace with his family to settle in Lugo.
His school studies, he did in Los Maristas, and since he was in school, he already stood out for his intense theatrical performances.

When he finished high school he moved again, but this time he went to Santiago where he enrolled to study History, later he put aside his career to dedicate himself fully to acting in theater.
It was the 90s, when Luis had the opportunity to participate in numerous short films, and he soon became popular in Galicia, when he was a judge in the soap opera Spring tides.

In 1998 Luis debuted in the comedy film Atilano president, and a year later he was in Flowers from another world, production that nominated him to the Goya as best new actor. This film was directed by Icíar Bollaín.

But in 2002, he won his first award for best supporting actor of the Goya for Mondays in the Sun, a film about unemployment in Spain.
In 2003 he worked again with the director Bollaín in I give you my eyes, and that same year he was in The Weakness of the Bolshevik next to the actress Maria Valverde.

It was definitely Cell 211, the movie that launched him to fame, where he gave life to Malamadre, the leader of a prison revolt. This film was under the direction of Daniel Monzon and Tosar was able to win another Goya for best leading actor.

Tosar has also had appearances in Hollywood and appeared in Corruption in Miami, film that was shot in 2006.
In 2010 he gave life to Fray Bernardo en Lope, a historical fable about the writer’s youth Lope de Vega. From that same year is 18 meals, a film that was produced by his company ZircoZine.

Again he worked alongside Icíar Bollaín in Also the rain, where he plays a producer who comes to Bolivia to shoot a film about the Spanish conquest of America.

As for his personal life, he maintained a relationship with the actress Marta Etura, and has also known how to stand out in music, being part of the rock group called The Ellas.