Lucho Barrios – Biography of Lucho Barrios

Lucho Barrios was born in the port of Callao, Peru on April 22, 1935. In this place he would live until he was 9 years old and then he would move with his family to Calle Penitencia, Jr. Paruro in the traditional Barrios Altos, famous for being the birthplace of great artists.
From a very young age he showed that he liked singing and began his artistic career at the age of 17, when he decided to enter the national opera school, preparing until he was 19 years old. His studies were done next to the teacher Alejandro Vivanco, member of the folk group Pacha Mama.

Still being an amateur, in the 50s, he participated in the contest “Stairway to Triumph”, directed by the well-known journalist Guido Monteverde and that was carried out in different theaters, here it is a finalist, this being a true motivation to continue advancing.

Some time later he would become a member of the trio “The Incas” with Paco Maceda Y Modest Pastor, but he soon disbanded and decided to become a soloist recording singles for the Smith record company.

To the famous Radio Callao he would be taken by Edith barr, and in these programs I would meet Julio Jaramillo, with whom he sang in Ecuador.

Many things had to happen, some good and some not so good, so that he could record his first albums. The Vals “Juanita” He would be the pioneer in giving him satisfaction and with guaranteed success, he returned from Ecuador in 1960 to start recording boleros that would make him famous as “Marabou”, “You cheat on me woman”, “Liar”, “You walk away”, “Liquor glasses” and many more.

He travels throughout Venezuela and Bolivia and the records he recorded in Ecuador become known throughout Central America. On September 18, 1960, he made his first presentation at the fifth “The Rosedal of Arica” in Chile accompanied by the orchestra of Puma valdez from Cuba with an auditorium full of followers in each presentation.

The following year he returned to the southern country and in the capital, Santiago, he recorded his LP that would give him more fame in Argentina, Mexico, Chile and even become known in the United States. For Barrios, the award that has given him the most satisfaction is the one that the OAS in merit of its work in favor of the proximity of towns through Art.

Many years of unstoppable work led him to perform on November 15, 1988 at the Olimpia Theater in Paris, a place where artists of the stature of Frank Sinatra they had done it before and where the Peruvian Lucho BarriosIt would bring the music of Chile, Ecuador and the beautiful boleros.

This singer has traveled almost all over the world and the Government of Chile in charge of the president Ricardo Lagos Escobar placeholder image In 2002, he rewarded him for considering him an exemplary Peruvian artist.

Lucho Barrios, a great figure of the bolero, remembered for the beautiful theme “My pretty Girl” passed away May 5, 2010, When I had 75 years old and more than 50 years of artistic life. Death came for him in his native country, where he was paid a heartfelt tribute.