Low Fade Haircuts

A low top fade is a modern haircut where halfway through the back and sides the hair disappears. It is a sleek model that reflects modern styles such as the pompadour and a Mohawk. You’re going to need a professional barber to get it right, but the look you get makes it worth it. Based on your hair type and size or your personal preferences, there are also many ways you can have it. Perfect examples of this fashionable hairdo are the styles below.

Sleek Side Sweep

This haircut’s smoothness is incredible, making anybody look fashionable. This consists of a smooth strands ‘ hard side line and simple side sweep. It should be finished on the sides with moderate tapering.

Slick Back

Styling is just part of the look, so to look trendy you still need a beautiful cut. In this model, the sliced back strands in the center of the head are fantastic, but the smooth tapering on the sides takes on a higher look.

Modern Caesar Cut

Caesar haircuts are common among men who prefer short locks, but this one is very distinct. This is only at the top instead of making the bowl appearance throughout, while the sides and back are short with a high taper style.

Voluminous Side Sweeps and Tapering

This hair’s dark tone and volume are amazing, making it easy for a man to style. You only need to blow-dry your strands to create a beautiful look like this one, taper the sides and back to slowly reduce the size and finish with a soft side part and sweep the hair sideways.

Classic Pompadour

This style has a good old short side and back and an incredibly smooth classic pompadour at the edge. The short sides and back, however, also have an incredible fade that makes the design look very exquisite.

Layered Low Skin Fade Top

This hairdo is one of the most difficult cuts to make, but its simplicity makes the effort worth it. The layered bangs at the top are easy to create, but the exact skin fade on the sides will be the tricky part.

Elegant Low Fade

Everything about this style is amazing and elegant, perfect design for any gentleman. It’s got a few inches of hair on top that you should style into a side swept pompadour with a side line and finish with a side and back fade.

Wavy Bald Fade

You’ll also need some blow drying and matt paste to create such a fantastic look. The most important thing, though, is still the cut, but it’s also pretty straightforward because on the sides you just need a bald fade.

Straight Slicking Back

This hairdo should be looked at if you felt it was difficult to brush your hair straight. It also has on the sides a beautiful tapered design that creates a disconnect with the facial whiskers to create an upscale cut.

Choppy Bangs and Blurry Fade

This haircut would require a great deal of expertise to build the top choppy bangs and the magnificent side line. The blurred fade is also laborious, but it should not be produced by any professional barber.

Fresh and Neat Gentleman Cut

It’s very close to the skull but it’s not a smooth shave, but it’s on the same level as the sideburns. There are also some interesting lines at the top of this design that make it ideal for a formal look.

Impressive geometric cut

This cut, which uses geometric shapes and clear lines, still gives you amazing results. It never goes out of the trend, either curly or straight thick strands can create it.

Shaggy Coils and Line Up

If you have beautiful natural coils like these, it’s hard to go wrong with any haircut. All that is needed to make an elegant hairdo is a line up on the back and sides with a simple fade.

Cheeky Taper

This haircut can be described in many ways as it has several types of fade characteristics. It is very creative, leaving a few inches of the curly locks on top and then slowly tapering the strands on the sides and back and ending with zero fading an inch from the ears.

Stunning Skin Fade

In this fashion, the first items to catch your eye are the beautifully textured curly bangs hanging over your forehead. There’s more to the style than this, though, because on the sides it also has a perfect skin fade.

Easy Light Cut

If you want to wear a formal look, a haircut like this is perfect. To create a perfect taper, it involves leaving some neat strands on top, a side section, and gradual hair reduction to the back and sides.

Smooth and Low Bald Fade

Instead of just shaving your head bald, you can have a stylish look that involves cutting very short strands and fading them smoothly.

Tidy and Classy Trim

In this style, the high front also creates a pompadour, but the tapering on the sides makes it look distinct. It is very creative and retains hair almost all over the head except on the sides and back of one or two inches.

Asymmetric Waves and Taper Cut

The side line on this haircut is beautiful, but it also introduces asymmetry to this style, which gives it a very interesting look. The strings also have some lovely waves and light besides this.

Curly Top Fade

This hairdo looks very modern and features a texture graduation from the natural curls at the top of the head to the bare skin which causes the strands around the neck and ear nape to blur.

Modern Pomp with Bald Taper

It may be an old school style pompadour, but this cut gives it a modern touch to make it look chic. All you need to do is make your dark toned pompadour slightly wavy and give the model a smooth taper on the sides.

Military Buzz Cut

Military cuts are very trendy and do not require maintenance, and although they come in different styles, the most common is the buzz cut. The one on this model is very regular, but it’s surrounded by a razor outline that gives a fade look to the cut.

Thick Curls and Fade

Most people prefer to hold on to their strands most distance, and if you have some curly locks, this hairdo is ideal for you. You only need to keep your thick curly locks on the crown to mimic it and then give a skin fade to the sides.

Slick Back and Undercut

A slick back is one of the best styles you can offer your long top bangs, but you’ll look amazing when you pair it with an undercut. The undercut is also very stylish because it has a beautiful bald fade design instead of just making the strands short.

Ponytail Knot with Edge up and Taper

Although you want a tapered cut, you can still hold your long locks. You should pull them into a ponytail knot to do this, then edge the sides and give them an elegant tapering as well.

Disconnected Undercut

The hard line on the sides of this haircut helps to create a beautiful contrast between the messy top bangs on the side and the undercut. Besides that, the style also has a beautiful tapering design that makes it look fantastic.

Low Fade Slick Back

Some things make this a fashionable haircut but the V-shape on the back produced by the slick-back model and the fade is what catches many people’s attention. The locks have a beautiful dark tone as well as some very smooth strings.
Messy and Curly Top

The fade on this headdress is still zero fade, but the hair gradually disappears, so it’s not easy to see. Besides this, the model also has some lovely curly and messy bangs on the crown that will make a man look beautiful.

Buzz Cut with Sharp Fade

This is one of the best hairdos you can wear if you prefer to keep a consistent length throughout the face. To create it, you need to shorten your strands and finish on the sides and back with a sharp fade.

Skin Fade Bangs