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Black Friday Deals on Apple: Where to Find the Best Nathanael ArnoldGoogle+Twitter More Articles 27 November 2014 3/3.937 3/3.937 SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images But in recent years several retailers began their Black Friday sales earlier in the week or have extended their sales well beyond the first weekend after Thanksgiving. Over the past several years Cyber Monday the first Monday after Black Friday has also become a significant day for online retailers. Just as physical stores carry Black Friday online sales retailers typically offer special discounts for Cyber Monday orders. Although Apple offers extended hours and special deals at its Black Friday retail stores, many of the best deals on Apple’s goods are usually found at third-party retailers. Although Apple has yet to reveal details of its last year’s Black Friday plans the California-based company offered gift cards instead of price cuts. With so many different promotions taking place at the same time, Apple shoppers may find out which stores offer the best prices on a specific product. To help you find the best deal on the things you’re shopping for we’ve assembled a list of six major retailers that offer exclusive deals on famous Apple products at their stores on Black Friday or during the shopping holiday weeks and days. It should be noted that some retailers have not yet disclosed all the information about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and some sales that differ depending on the location of the store and other factors involved. Picture by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

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>>The post. I may never fully understand the modern mania for new-captured electro-automatic machinations but I suppose this will make it easier to buy Timbits individually so go out and enjoy it. Although the entire aim of the app is to allow consumers with their smartphones to buy coffee and doughnuts, it also has the ability to make it faster. For example, at Starbucks, making a purchase with the smartphone app is actually faster. One scan is paid for and the customer order. It takes longer to use a token, or cash. As the clientele want their drink in a rush quicker service is usually stronger at many coffee places. Using mobile payments is a program that is slow to catch on in the U.S. while catching on with younger, more tech-savvy users including college students. Outside the coffee chain applications Venmo Square and even some banking apps are used to make cash or plastic transactions instead. Overall this group remains a small minority but rising. Apps like those published by Starbucks and Tim Horton s also promote the transition to mobile pay. While cash may still be king when it comes to payments here, it is plastic in the form of credit and debit cards which actually wear the crown. The Americans are more likely to make purchases using those. And the money comes from a plastic card number attached to the account for in-app transactions on both the iOS and Android platforms. About this very coffee that an app buys is yet another step forward for mobile phones.

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