Long hair styles for men


Beach Haircuts for Long Hair

Give your locks an allowed look, beach look with some mousse or some gel and leave the rest to the elements (as in, to the wind) to toss your hair around for a perfectly natural look!

Hairstyles Bedhead Curls

Everyone can look at the bedhead! With just a little product, you can get it and make it look deliberate to help smooth out some of the frizz and help your curls maintain their natural shape. Then, all you need to do is go for a’ sleepy’ look.

Blonde Long Top Haircut

In addition to summer highlights, long hair and small split tails are evident. The center part is more of a classic or messy look while the side part blends in perfectly for most facial features as well as flattering.

Blue Long Straight Hair

This cut is back with a hint of’s’ influence. The back and one side braids. Just blow your hair dry and finish for texture with hair powder.

‘s trending content!

Braided Sides with Long Top

The cool thing about braids is they can be added to any male’s hair to emphasize the allled hair.

Highlights braids or dreads

If you need a way to keep your long hair in check or just want to change things, go for long braids or highlighted dreads. These highlights are a great way to bring new life through the long and braided strands to your hair with different colors.

Casual Long Hair

One of the coolest and most natural ways for men to wear long hair. A soft product that matches your hair type is easy to use and simply style it with your fingers.

Center Part Haircuts for Long Hair

There’s something you can’t go wrong with when it comes to long hair that gives your face a natural boundary. Draw your favorite facial features when you decide to divide your long, straight hair right down the middle and let it fall on your shoulders and back.

Classic Native American Hair

Here is a classic Native American hairstyle without any parting. Native American men are now renowned for their long flowing locks that make us all really jealous.

Creative long haircut

The creative long haircut breaks out of the conservative mold when the hair is different in length. It’s all about creating waves with lots of volume and texture across the head.

Curly Long Hairstyle for Men

If you naturally have curly hair then try this amazing curly hair by cutting the hair to the length of your shoulder.

Dramatic Short Sides Long Top Haircut for Long Hair

Add some drama to your do when you choose to dig out a more extreme part of the center. Part your hair to the side as far as you can and then flip it to any ensemble for a huge lift and impeccable style that adds a bold statement.

Elegant side parts

The most common side parts of men’s long hairstyles. They look awesome and require very little product and effort from the hair.

Extra Long Hairstyle for Men with Beard

If you have the time and patience to arrange your hair every day, try this popular long hairstyle. The hair length also increases the amount of time you need to spend on styling it.

Extremely Long Straight Hairstyles for Men

Finally, we have the perfect look for men who really want to wear long hair. If you naturally have straight hair, this hairstyle will have no problems with you. Make sure you’re confident in wearing it!

Feathered Long Hairstyles for Men

The feathered look is something that Farrah Fawcett made popular, and today there is a style that resembles that while still suitable for men. Your hair simply looks wind-blown instead of looking too feathered, and your natural curls and waves are given room to shine. Flip back a little with some gel on the sides and see what the volume around is doing for your face!

French Braid Hairstyles for Men

Cornrows or tight French braids begin along the scalp and grow into a striking, daring and definitely eye-catching conglomerate of braids. They also make it simpler to handle your hair.

Goth Long Dreads

You don’t have to follow trends or go crowding, particularly if you want lengthy hair rocking. You can go out with a hairstyle of two tones. Moreover, for the longer portion of your hair, you can cut down the sides and generate dreadlocks.

Half Bun Half Down Long Hairstyles for Men

Half Bun Half Down Long Hairstyles for Men

With some assistance from a man bun, you can readily accomplish this look. The guy bun rests on the back of the top of the head while the rest of the hair flows freely down the back.

Half Up Half Braid Hairstyles

Half up, half down braided to the side, or even braided into a bun and let the remainder of your hair fall as it pleases.

Half Up, Half Down Long Hairstyles for Men

Whatever your hair’s texture, half up, half down look is your key to quantity and vitality. Wear the top half in a guy bun for a more classy look, or even braid it for an additional touch of textured style as a sprouting heavy ponytail for height.

High Ponytail Hairstyles

If your hair is ultra-long, one of the easiest ways to handle it is by putting it into a heavy pony. This will bring your eyes up from your face and offer you a brand fresh, contemporary attraction to your hair. With very straight hair, this look works best.

Lemon Juice Long Hair Styles

This vibrant platinum blond is a excellent way to alter the color of your hair. If you don’t have layers and your hair is all one length, this is a great option as you try to decide how to add more life to your work.

Long and Piecey Hairstyles

If you wear one length of your lengthy hair, you can add a little texture to it. Using a soft gel, go ahead and very gently roll your hair, helping to form thin strands here and there. That’s going to give it a piecey look.

Long Blonde Dreadlocks

You may want to attempt this look if you still think in restoring world peace and harmony. It makes a declaration and will make you stand out most definitely. Give it a large smile and your picture is complete.

Long braid, shaved side hairstyles

Your lengthy hair deserves the spotlight, so let it shine and give in! By shaving down the sides, contrast the length of your hair. From there, you can braid your hair in a dense and lovely rope that can readily stand out in any crowd!

Long Braided Faux Hawks

If you like a false hawk idea but aren’t willing to commit to shortening your hair all the way around, don’t be afraid. Keep your hair long while creating a false hawk’s illusion with a braid. This braid begins in the middle of the hairline and runs all the way behind your head, down to the length of the remainder of the hair to produce the illusion.

Long dark braided hair

Afro dreadlocks are the other way for people to wear long black hair. More of a wild form than the classic straight hair profile, this contemporary version.

Men’s long dark hair

This long, dark hair is prevalent to Asian men. Wear it as much as you can, it will certainly make you look like a samurai warrior, but you can also choose a natural look.

Long Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Make it manageable and stylish by putting it into some lengthy dreadlocks if you’ve spent time growing your natural hair to its complete length. Your locations will talk volume about your culture and character as timeless lengthy hairstyles for males on their own.

Long haircuts for men with ringlets

Don’t conceal them in a bun or straighten them if you’re lucky enough to have ideal little ringlets. In this curly version of lengthy hairstyles for males, let them fall loose around your shoulders and along your back. To offer them some shine, use a little oil, but otherwise let those beautiful curls flow free!

Mature Men’s lengthy hairstyles

The texture pattern operates for all hair lengths, from brief to medium to long. Long hair goes from boring to sophisticated with a guaranteed achievement with the correct styling operation to make you look younger.

Long hair styles for men with colored tips

Long hair is fantastic, but it’s definitely a lot. Don’t stick to one flat color when you can add men’s long hairstyles in color to the ends for a pop of needed life. Keep it safe by adding some blond to your dark hair or darker colors to light hair, or go bold with an unconventional color!

Men’s lengthy hairstyles with highlights

Adding some highlights or layers will assist your lengthy hair gain some texture and depth. The layers operate to produce a voluminous impact that lifts the hair while those layers are accentuated by the highlights as well as the natural waves or curls in your hair.

Long Straight Center Part Hairstyles

If you’re fortunate enough to have this lengthy, extremely straight hair, use it! Keep it as long as necessary and develop it as long as necessary. For a more subtle appearance, you can divide it in the middle or flip it to the side for height.

Naturally straight hair is obviously a blessing. And it might be the best thing you’ve ever done to decide to grow it out. Here’s a pro tip–invest in a conditioner of high performance to maintain your locks smooth and silky.

Long Thick Wavy Hair

If you have long wavy hair, don’t worry about relaxing it. To complement your jawline and highlight your eyes, it is best worn in its natural state along with a complete beard.

Loose Curl, Men’s Long Hairstyles

Curls need not be dense little corkscrews to be awesome. Use lengthy and natural wearing to embrace the loose curl of your hair. You can divide it to the middle side or down. Both are going to have the same impact and beautifully frame your face.

Loose Ringlets

Like the tight little ringlets, long loose ringlets are just as pleasant and should be treasured as well. Do not straighten the curls or put them in a ponytail. Instead, divide them into the middle or side and cascade them around your face. This will draw attention to the characteristics of your face!

Loose Waves Long Men’s Hairstyles

Even if your waves are not strongly defined, you can still play them to your benefit. You’re advised to wear the beautiful loose waves you’ve got in a key portion.

Man Bun and Beard Connected Sides

Man bun trend is going strong because it is an simple and efficient way to wear men’s lengthy hair. This cool version has lengthy hair on top and short buzzed sides. This samurai bun contrasts distinctly.

Man Bun Hairstyles

Man bun hair is a trendy way to make lengthy hair styles. For a more controlled and clean look, pull it on top of your head in a chaotic bun or on the back of your head. They’re both fantastic and will offer you a contemporary look.

Man Bun with Box Braids

A man bun is, as you can already say, a trendy way to style your hair, but often it only draws attention to the top. Spice up the sides of this style with a braid of your choice for a fresh new take on the man bun–French braid, fishtail, or typical beach.

Man Bun with Short Sides

Here’s another look at a long-haired classic man bun. It looks like a chaotic cut with a natural look when the hair is either worn down or fully exposed in the style of a man bun.

Medium Older Men Dreadlocks

The most common lengthy hair is a mixture of loose chaotic top and dreadlocks of the shoulder length.

Medium Length Blonde Hair

This is the best choice you can make if you can develop lengthy hair and complete beard. A fast mix at the sideburns adds a smooth finish to the cut.

Messy Hair Medium Length

A born rebel might be less concerned about how his hair appears. The hair is just like his master, spread all over, with an effort to create a ponytail and maintain the hair in one location.

Medium-length side

Men’s shoulder-length hair is simple to remove and requires no steady styling. A straightforward side-swept look makes it natural for your hair to fall. Evite anything that takes away the natural look.

Messy Braids Men’s Long Hairstyles

Play your natural hair with some tight braids along the scalp for a genuinely distinctive look. But instead of going all the way down the braids, open them up at the back and let your hair go wild. In ponytails or pigtail styles, this style looks good.

Messy Caught Up Hair

Create an elf-like high and tight braided ponytail. It also provides you a fresh world view in addition to maintaining your hair out of your face.