Long Face Hairstyles

That face is special. The features and shape allow appropriate hairdos to be picked. Long-faced hairstyles are not a big issue. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker Liv Tyler Hilary Swank Kelly Reilly has oblong faces and looks always beautiful. If you know what kind of hairstyles to choose to flatter your physical parameters, you can make your long face look perfectly oval or very charming and sweet at least. You will never have a single doubt about whether you look beautiful with the following hairstyles.

Best Possible Long Face Hairstyles

Below are some graphical examples, but the main thing here is to understand the principles of how hairstyle lines and textures will correct your oblong face. You will be able to adjust your preferred hairstyle to the form of your face if you catch the idea so that it looks to you personally to be as attractive as possible. So let’s look at how it works. – At the cost of your forehead, you can always reduce the length of your nose. The line of hair growth is not visible if it is covered with bangs and your face appears shorter. Blunt cut bangs straight or slightly slanting work well so waves on the forehead are pushed. Bear in mind proportions when considering the ideal length for your bangs. If bangs take / the length of the head, it is considered to be the best proportion possible. – Try to create body and width with horizontal and diagonal lines on the sides of your head. In your case, curls waves the even lower lines and horizontal layers create an illusion of width that is so desirable. Do not make the back any shorter than the front if you stick to a bob haircut. This technique creates sharp angles that make your face look much longer than it is. – Particularly without bangs of high ponytails or other high updos and layer-free long styles, avoid excessive volume on top long straight tresses around your neck. If you don’t like full-on layers, ask your stylist to lay only the tresses that frame your face to escape the effect of drawing-down. – Color can be in your eyes as well. Highlights increase the width of your side tresses and create dimensions. If your hair is long, lighter shadow ends will not pull your face down either.

Oblong heads with the most attractive hairstyles

And let’s see the examples right now.

Wavy Side-Part Hairstyle

A bob haircut should be considered for women who are looking for a shorter style but still want to be a bit long. The allled waves and subtle highlights, while the cut may be classic, make it modern and fresh. Plus the style volume adds completeness to the thin faces.

Side-Parted Shaggy Lob

This shaggy bob should be offered if you have a high forehead. The deep side parting provides a lot of volume on one side to match the face’s length and gives off a messy and carefree look.

Long Wavy Center-Parted Hairstyle

One of the best hairs> curling iron and then make sure you brush the curls out for a smoother undone look. If you want to add a sun-kissed summer-y touch to your look, ask your hair colorist for a face-framing blonde balayage.

Wispy Layered Hairstyle for Long Fine Hair

Amazingly endearing and quick to style this long-faced haircut produces volume and completeness when it comes to long hair. Just ask your hairdresser to keep the layers in your locks ‘ body for a long time but shorten them around the face for a soft natural look.

Medium shag with long side bangs

Good thing about a shag> Medium shag with long side bangs can also help complement a wide front.

Medium choppy cut for fine hair

Add depth to your fine hair and match the form of an oblong face by rocking a choppy cut.

Full Tousled Layers

A winning style option for long faces is to create a rounder full look with layers and large waves. This cut’s volume and shape is not just flattering that they are feminine and sexy. Blow dry hair with a round brush and curl the bottom layers.

Long Side-Parted Cut with Razored Layers

This layered side-parted razor style is one of the most common haircuts for long faces and long tresses. The layers allow hair to drape more naturally, resulting in increased movement and bounce.

Straight Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob

This blonde bob is straight but lifted at the roots for edge and body style. The impact of balayage adds interest to the look as well.

Medium shag with a wispy fringe

A fun and glamorous look reminiscent of Taylor Swift, the medium shag with a wispy fringe takes inches of the length off your head. This gives your locks structure if you have thin hair, but if you have thicker tresses, it also looks long and luscious.

Straight Side Shaggy Bob

Long-faced haircuts can look really straight and edgy like this cool shag. This style’s texture adds a great deal of volume. Thin, long-faced hair will give you a lanky, drawn look. The hair is weightless and full of life as you twist and flip up thin layers.

Long Wavy Chopped Hairstyle

Long wavy hairstyle is the best long-faced haircut if you’re all about polished and clean. Small sections of your locks with tongs halfway down the length to accentuate the cut curl but leave the ends uncurled and stick out for a glamorous yet fluent look.

Long layered hairstyle for fine hair

Long fine hair can be hard to style while counterbalancing a long face. This haircut will frame your face without looking too severe and unnatural if you opt for an off-center parting without bangs.

Part Style Center

Medium and short haircuts must have a wow factor for long faces. The last thing you want is skinny hair that’s just hanging there. The secret is body and weight. Use a wide barrel curling iron to build on either side of the portion the appearance of a big wave. Then taunt to perfection your hair.

Piece-y Medium Hair

Medium haircuts now appear to be on the wish list of everyone. If you’ve got a long face and long hair then a medium cut is all you need to make your look lively. Tell your stylist for choppy textures and a bangs fringe to get the absolute best result.

Deep Side Part for Oblong Face

This is evidence that a deep side part has to be attempted by anyone with a long face form. A side part shows the brow and cheekbone showing off your face’s beautiful outline.

Imperfect texture

Nothing works better than choppy layers with an oblong face shape. This slightly crazy cut (and the windblown effect) helps the eyes and lips attract attention. You can’t go wrong with so much volume and texture!

Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are having a little time in the fashion world so why not take advantage of this trend and give your hairdo a serious style update on a shaggy bob’s base. Curtain bangs do not completely cover the length of your face, but they accentuate the beautiful eyes and high cheekbones of your other features.

Razored Blonde Lob

Long face bangs are not always needed to flatter the face as shown in this example. A razor blonde lob can build a body around your face and look effortlessly sleek, particularly if you ask your hairdresser to put extra feathered face-framing layers into it.

Chopped Brown Hairstyle Chocolate for Long Hair

If you have long hair and long face shape, go for wavy layered hairstyles that split your hair length and don’t drag your face down. It really complements your face with a classic and timeless look and is extremely flexible. To suit almost any event, wear it up or down.

Sliced Layer Medium Hairstyle

Slicing is the ideal hair cutting method for medium to thick locks. This includes keeping the shears slightly open and directing them with a slight pressure and angle to extract bulk along the length of a hair line. It’s great to make depth and reduce thickness to better frame your face with your locks.

Messy Disconnected Brunette Bob

This disconnected bob, one of the most individualistic short hairstyles on long faces, prevents the locks from lying flat against your head with an elongating impact. The following look is sassy, attitude-filled and guaranteed for the right reasons to attract attention. 1083.jpg” />

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Best Overall Medium Haircut

A medium length cut is your best bet for long face haircuts that are youthful and sexy. With big bouncy waves, you can play up the cut layering to really complete your appearance. Try to add a volumizing power to your routine when styling.

Long Face Side Bang

Girls with oblong faces tend to have large foreheads and pointed chins. To counteract this sharpness, the best hairstyles for long faces are those with a heavy side fringe. It adds softness and a bigger forehead is camouflaged.

Sleek straight layered haircut

Oblong face shapes are often confused with oval shapes. More length and a pointier chin would be the difference. Hairstyles for oblong faces should avoid drawing attention to the chin, which is why they are ideal for long layers starting below the chin.

Layered Chin-Length Haircut

A layered bob is perfect, producing width in straight strands. Blunt bangs are ideal for long faces in short haircuts because they reduce the length of the face while highlighting the cheekbones and a smooth nose.

Red Bob Haircut Radiant

Medium-length hair can still boast a large volume, even if it is not very long. This can be accomplished by lifting the roots with a large barrel curling iron during blow drying. To balance the sharpness at the bottom of long faces, volume is necessary.

Cute Bangs and Messy Texture

Long-faced haircuts with textured styling look so good. The better the texture is the more natural-looking. Skip the heat to recreate those loose waves. Instead braid damp hair and apply a textured cream that is slightly tacky to create separation.

Beach Waves Hairstyle

The famous shaggy beach wave look is designed for long faces on the basis of a layered haircut. Such layers generate volume where it is most required in the middle of the head. Swooped bangs are ideal for wider foreheads to be covered. A light shadow coloring job will keep them from looking too heavy.

Long Face Amber Undercut

Just because you’re seasoned doesn’t mean you can’t try a trendy short style. The trick is to choose a color that gives your teint vibrancy and a youthful glow. Throughout the crown, choppy surfaces improve fullness in thin strings. 1091.jpg” />

<img src="https://ourhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/thr/t2/t2

Best long-faced haircut

Long-faced hairstyles are all about shape. One way is through voluminous curls or waves to create the right shape. But if that’s not your style and you love straight hair then try bangs with a longer layered look. Instead of cutting them bluntly, ask your stylist to point these straight bangs at the ends.

Simple Bob with Shaped Bangs

This adorable> straightener or scrunch and allure your hair while drying air.

Shiny Tousled Curls

Facing famous layers are always a good choice! To enhance the layers of your cut try curling your hair in alternate directions.

Edgy Bob Hairstyle With Wispy Texture

Dianna Agron takes into consideration all the recommendations for correcting the oblong face shape. In the 2019 grunge-inspired hairstyle, we observe wispy bangs across the front a flattering chin length and trendy. The allled edgy locks add volume and visually widen the face of Diana.

Sleek Pixie Hairstyle

Ashlee Simpson shows that even a sleek short hairstyle can flatter long faces. The most functional feature of this partnership is the jagged bangs that cover the front of Ashlee. These are styled to one side in a playful way. Surprisingly enough, but the long earrings work well into this look and do not elongate Ashlee’s face as they are quite large and composed of rounded components.

Short Messy Bob Hairstyles

Chin-level length and light wave at the ends of Cate Blanchett’s locks make her hairstyle a perfect visual correction option for oblong eyes. And the most enjoyable thing is that this hairstyle won’t take much of your time while it proves to be perfect for any setting and any occasion.

Short A-Line Haircut For Long Faces

Anne Hathaway admitted she cried when she cut off her locks for Les Miserables. But we have to admit that the haircut is so much the star. A short, volume-styled chin-length bob at the ends fits well for oblong-shaped eyes.

Effortless Balayage Bob

Choose a vivid balayage and natural texture for a beachy sun kissed look that is beautiful throughout the year. With sun, you certainly can’t recreate this styleit just won’t look authentic enough. So try a no-heat option like braids or with a cream scrunching the wet hair and letting it dry out.

Nice A-Line Bob With Volume Towards The Ends

With an oblong face you can shy away from long, smooth tresses on the sides of your head. Instead, give your preference to massive medium-length hairstyles such as the bob of Violante Placido. Slightly curled edges and volume to the ends of the right length are exactly what you need.

Casual A-Line Bob Hairstyle

It’s not easy for long-faced women to choose a trendy haircut they feel comfortable with but Jennie Garth’s been effective. Her chin-length A-line bob is a universal foundation for quick, stylish hairstyles that fits long faces.

Long Wavy Hairstyle With Horizontal Bangs

Bangs are the most flexible and effective way to harmonize the proportions of your head. Christa B. Allen opts just below her eye-brows for flat angled bangs. This detail makes her look very feminine and sensual. The flattering side volume is provided by long wavy locks. This messy hairstyle looks adorable with an extra brilliance finish!

Messy Fishtail For Oblong Faces

Also appropriate for oblong faces are braided hairstyles. Eva Longoria rocks at the level of the cheekbones a very sexy messy fishtail with a decent size. A hairstyle that is as natural as possible and a nude dress produce a very trendy and sexy look. Free to embrace this idea!

Medium haircut with soft layers

Many oblong-faced girls and women do not want their locks to be cut short. Lisa Kudrow recommends a medium-layered haircut that can be flatteringly shaped to add form to a long face. Pay attention to the volume on your face’s sides and curl the face-framing layers away from your face in bold flicks with a rather horizontal rather than vertical orientation.

Smart Pants

A medium-length bob haircut with curly hair and horizontal bangs work incredibly well on long faces. You’ll also earn a few points with fashionable glasses.

Ravishing Raven Waves

This looks very impressive the magnificent black waves spread across the shoulders. But the biggest credit belongs to Liv’s bangs through her smart forehead’s height.

Sexy Foxy

A few layers below the bangs covering the high forehead make this great hairstyle a little more voluminous on top which decreases the elongating force of the side tresses.

Rough Gilded Locks

Once tucked into the impetuous waves, this exquisite chin-grazing bob shrinks to the jaw-line level. Luckily, the length of the oblong head never shrinks.

Breezy and Fluttering

Straight graded mid-ear layered haircuts for non-elongation growth. You have all the chances to make your oblong face appear a perfect oval in combination with bangs like these.

So here’s a summary of the main tricks that help correct an oblong face shape horizontal bangs curls layered asymmetric haircuts including volume on the sides of your face bob haircuts and end-volume hairstyles. Only you can decide whether to bring your face closer to the classic proportions or bring out your individuality. Now you know what your special face shape styles work best. Try not to ignore these important rules, seek balance and be prepared as a reward to receive tons of compliments. Prev1 of 60Next Related Haircuts Flattering Haircuts and Hair Best Hair Stylish and Sassy Bobs for Round Faces Beauty What Hair Brightest Medium Layered Haircuts to Light You Up Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Get ideas from hair style. Whatever your form of body, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeBoys and Menu