Lisa Ryder – Biography of Lisa Ryder

Lisa ryder was born in October 1970 in the city of Edmonton, Canada.

As a child I studied ballet at the Edmonton Studio of Ballet, with which he acted on numerous occasions; and never considered acting until he entered the University of Toronto. It was there that he took some extra-curricular drama courses and discovered his true calling.

After graduating, he formed the theater group with some classmates “Bald Ego Productions“, in which she stood out acting but also as a choreographer and screenwriter.

In the mid-90’s he began to appear on television, in series such as “Kung fu: the legend continues“(1993) and”Psi factor: Chronicles of the paranormal

Her first important role was playing the Detective Tracy Velvet in the Canadian series “The lord of the darkness“; but her most important role, for which she became well known, was that of Beka valentine, which he played between 2000 and 2005 in the science fiction series “Andromeda“.

In 1998 he starred in the acclaimed Canadian feature film “Stolen Heart“; it could also be seen in 2001 in the horror thriller”Jason X“, along with his co-star of the series”Andromeda“, Lexa doig. In this film, Lisa played an android while Lexa he was a human, exactly the opposite of what happened in “Andromeda“.

In his personal life, Lisa is divorced from the National Hockey League player, Michael Ryder.