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2 Who is Married to Julia Boorstin? Couper Samuelson When was Married to Julia Boorstin? 2007 Julia was named on the Tjfr 30 list of the most promising business journalists under 30 years of age in 2003 2004 and 2006. Famous news break anchor Sue Herera works also for Cnbc. Julia has a happy married life aside from having a successful professional career. The Los Angeles Boorstin resident is a married woman and has two kids.

Husband-Couper Samuelson

The 40-year-old Julia Boorstin is married and her husband is Couper Samuelson, film producer and actor. The lifelong lovers started dating around 2004, and Julia was introduced by Couper in 2006 asking her to be his wife.

Dating To Married Couple

As mentioned by Julia, the journalist and her partner Couper a film producer first met in 2004 through the introduction of mutual friends, but they were both reluctant to start a relationship. Following a brief meeting at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004 both realized how much they had in common. With time the couple developed a mutual respect and love for each other, and three years later they became life partners for each other. Little Info On Julia’s Spouse

The 40-year-old Couper Samuelson works as an actor and film producer. He is the president of feature films at Blumhouse Productions that has produced successful franchises such as Paranormal Activity The Purge and Ouija that have grossed more than $1.4bn worldwide. Previously Couper worked for Paramount Pictures and 2929 Entertainment as the development executive. He is a student at Harvard University of History and Literature.

The presence of two beautiful sons flatters Julia and her husband’s joyous married life. On 13 July 2011, they welcomed their first son by the name of Henry Samuelson. As of 2019, he is eight years old and studies in elementary school. Similarly, in February 2015, the couple welcomed a son to their second child but there are no information about him. In addition the four families lives in Los Angeles County.

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