Lesley-Anne Down – Biography of Lesley-Anne Down

On March 17, 1954, the actress Lesley-Anne Down- was born in the Wandsworth neighborhood of London, England.

In her adolescence, Lesley-Anne began to make model shows, which allowed her to have a great book in a short time, which helped her to be chosen to participate in some films.

In 1969, she took part in her first serious role in the movie “All the correct sounds”, where she would play the role of Laura.

The actress, in the 70s, has a very extensive filmography, with feature films such as Countess Dracula, “24 hours a day”, The return of the pink panther or “The first train robbery”, among others.

In this same decade, he intervened for some productions of the small screen, such as the series “Up and down”.

In 1978 the actress took part in the film “The Betsy”, along with Laurence Olivier, Tommy Lee Jones and Rober Duvall, where she would play the role of Mrs. Ayres, for which the British Film Academy awarded her the Actress Award Promising

The actress begins the 80s by intervening a little less in feature films, although, nevertheless, she has films such as “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Indiscrete” or “Triumphal Arch”.

She married Enrique Gabriel in 1980, to whom she was united for only a few months. A year later, in 1982, the actress married William Friedkin, with whom she would have a son, the two being united until 1985.

He also participates in the television series “Norte y Sur”, along with Patrick Swayze.

In 1985, the actress married Don E. Fauntleroy, with whom she had a son.

In the 90s, he began to be seen a lot on the small screen, where he appeared in series such as “Dallas”, “Family of policemen” or “Nany”, among others.

In 200 the actress continues to perform roles on the small screen, being the protagonist of the series “The Bold and the Beautiful”, which began in 2003 and is still being broadcast and where she plays the character of Jackie Marone.

Among other series in which the actress has participated, we can mention, “Murder diagnosis”, “Colombo”, “Perfect life”, “Sunset Beach” or “The King of the den”, among others.

The actress has recently appeared in the 2012 film “Bewitched”.