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FotoJet Designer Review-Professional Graphic Design for All! ByNovak Bozovic-November 9, 2018 351 You know how they say a thousand words worth a picture. If you run a website blog or account on social media, we’re sure you’re making a lot of effort to produce great material. All that work, however, can be hampered without stunning photos. Which, then, can you do? Well, you may turn to solutions for graphic design, but you need to find an alternative that works for you. Not only are specialized tools too difficult to use they are quite costly too. This means you need something inexpensive yet not capable of curbing your imagination. And we could have a perfect solution right here as it turns out. Welcome to our FotoJet Designer review on Pc! Before we get going let’s look at this application really quickly. With the basic information on this graphic design method we have a helpful table found below. Description Product Name Supported Windows 7/8/10 compatible Platforms. Special features A lot of pre-loaded models Incredibly easy to use Effortless editing Professional-level results. Some of you may be in a rush, which is why we always include two tables in the introduction to all of our reviews. The second one gives you a glimpse of our view which is a good way to check out the app if you don’t have the time to read the whole article. Final Verdict Pros Cons The support portion of the application might be simplified further. The Bottom Line FotoJet Designer allows you to easily create customized graphics for different purposes – and you’ll get results on a pro-level basis without spending too much time. Our rankingDevice Compatibility

352 To run FotoJet Designer you do not need to have a highly capable Machine. Even on computers purchased 10 + years ago it runs perfectly fine. Our point:. Looking at the official system requirements of this program we can see that your machine needs to run Windows 7 8 or 10. And that is what it is about. If your Pc is capable of running either of these Windows versions, it’s good to go. That’s because this application relies on templates provided by the Web and takes very little local resources. In other words, practically everyone can run FotoJet Designer.

Installation Process

353 You can download and install FotoJet Designer in just minutes if you have a fast internet connection. Our point:. 354 Installation is as straightforward as possible. No unforeseen surprises or promotional offers. Check out a few other choices where you want the program to be enabled and that is pretty much it.

User Interface

This application is designed for beginners and enthusiasts of graphic design – which means it’s pretty easy to use (and nicely designed all-round). Our point:. When you run FotoJet Designer on Windows you will see a nice grid of templates that are available. The application has no ‘ Welcome ‘ screens or any other kind of distractions. What’s interesting to note is there are no settings with which to play. The main machine bar at the top helps you to get assistance with a few basic operations and that’s about it. If you want to be fully immersed in the program, however, we suggest that you click on Window & gt Toggle Full Screen-which should give you a more pleasurable workspace. 356 When you open a template the application becomes an easy-to-use editor. You will see your workspace area on the right hand side, with the option to save and share your work using the top-placed button. You can undo and redo your acts at the edge, and also zoom in and out. And then on the left hand side there are lots of interesting tools. That’s where you can access various elements to import them into your project and choose between content sources online. We’ll show you in depth how this application works so read on.

357 The developers of this application have done a terrific job. However, if you want to delve deeply into its capabilities, you’ll still need to spend a bit of time. Our Rating: 9/10. The easiest way to talk about the user friendliness is to show you how this program functions. So, we’ll direct you through the custom graphics creation process. Let’s take a look at it: You’ll see a bunch of models when you open FotoJet Designer on Windows. There are not models, however, but instead-preloaded and personalized sizes for different purposes. You’ll get a blank slate after you open any of those. It’s also important to say that by clicking on the ‘ Custom Size ‘ button (top-right corner) you can build your picture from scratch and then we can continue with the new group-‘ Clipart. ‘ You can think of these elements as graphics to add some dimension to your creations. You will find preloaded templates from across the Web once more. 361 And then you can actually choose a new history. In the event your picture has some ‘ free ‘ space, the background you choose will cover it. You can save it on your Pc or share it on social media platforms (Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Tumblr) once you’re pleased with your development.

362 Pc FotoJet Designer is a highly optimized application which performs without any problem. Our point:. We have been reviewing FotoJet Designer and playing with its features for quite some time. We didn’t experience a single problem during all that time. The dinging and messing around with a whole bunch of elements was very smooth. We had the same experience creating such high-resolution images. It didn’t take more than a few seconds to export those files (with a bunch of layers present).

363 Although not everything went smoothly we managed to find plenty of online support – including Faqs tutorials and contact pages. Our Rating: 9/10. If you come across a roadblock the first thing you want to do is check out the support section. This is achieved by going to support with Support & gt. This will open a new web page, but you will not find one that works. While this doesn’t look really good, this isn’t a big problem and the company that made this product can easily solve it. Your next stop should be the Pagededicated Contact Us Help page on FotoJet. Pricing

364 FotoJet Designer for Pc is free to use, but you will have to spend some money to access all its options. Our rating: 8.5/10. This application can be used for free-up to a certain point. That’s why you will often find FotoJet mentioned as the best free online graphic design software, but you won’t get the full list of features and your output files will come with a watermark. It means that if you want to unlock it absolutely you’ll need to pay for it. And here is the situation: The family license is priced at $59.90 and can be used on up to 5 Pcs. You get priority help and updates during your lifetime. We will claim the $39.95 price for a single license sounds a bit pricey. FotoJet Creator is a powerful graphics editor and it is something we really like. Therefore for those who need to generate nice graphics on a regular basis it could be an incredible choice. It’s also worth noting that sharing the Family License with four other people would mean spending $12 per one Pc – and that makes it an excellent offer for just about anyone.

Last Call

This is where we finish our analysis of FotoJet Designer for Pc, my dear TechNadu guests. If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment below. Review Overview Usability Platform10 Deployment Process10 User Interface10 Speed Performance10 Customer Support9 Pricing8.5 Windows Description FotoJet Designer is an interesting solution for those who want to use graphic design tools without digging into pro-level applications. It provides plenty of competent resources-but it’s always easy to understand and to use. Overall Score