Laura Pamplona – Biography of Laura Pamplona

The actress Laura Pamplona was born on September 7, 1973 in Alicante. He is also a model and singer.

In his adolescence he suffered a severe blow when, in 1989, his home suffered a fire, in which his 10-year-old sister Aitana died.

After finishing her secondary studies, Laura decided to study Design, although she soon realized that her true vocation was in the world of interpretation, so she decided to dedicate herself to it.

She is mostly a television actress, although she has made her forays into both theater and film.

His professional debut took place on the small screen, when he appeared in the series “All men are equal”. But if there is a series that made the actress popular, it is, without a doubt, “Policemen, in the heart of the street”, in which she worked from 2000 to 2003, becoming a familiar face for viewers.

In 2003 she obtained a fixed role in the successful comedy series “Here there is no one who lives”, in which she remained until 2005, and in 2009 she was booked to participate in “Laura’s secrets”.

The actress has participated in other series, all of them with a large audience, such as “Central Hospital”, “This is my neighborhood” or “Brothers and detectives”.

As we have already mentioned, he has also starred in a play, such as “Best in October” or “Coming out of the closet”.

On the big screen it has not been lavished too much, although we have seen it in some feature films such as “A clean shot”, “Who says it’s easy?” or “Offside.”

He has also worked in advertising, as well as in the world of fashion. In addition, it is worth highlighting his foray into the world of music since 2008, when he formed a musical group in which his partner, the musician Pedro Barceló, was. His project bears the name of Sweet Wasabi, having released an album to the market in 2009, with the name of “Service Area”, with songs mostly in English and belonging to different musical genres.

The actress was nominated by the Union of Actors, in 2004, for the Award for the best supporting actress on television, for her work in the series “Here there is no one who lives.”

As for her personal life, she is married, as we have mentioned, to the musician Pedro Barceló, with whom she has two children. His mother is the actress Amparo Pamplona and his grandfather is the well-known scriptwriter and journalist Clemente Pamplona.