Larry David – Biography of Larry David

Larry david was born in July 1947 in Brooklyn, New York. After studying at the University of Maryland, David He embarked on a career as a comedian in 1974. That career was spiced up with a number of different jobs, including taxi driver, ladies’ underwear salesman, and private chauffeur.

After some time as a monologue with some renown, the chain ABC hired him to be an actor and scriptwriter for the show “Fridays“between 1980 and 1982.

Between 1984 and 1985 he was a collaborator with the program “Saturday night Live“, although he never got to participate in any skits, which apparently served as inspiration for the plot of an episode of”Seinfeld“titled”The revenge“.

During the decade of the ’80s he met his future companions of “Seinfeld“, Michael Richards (Kramer) Y Julia Louis Dreyfus (Elaine). In 1989, along with another stand-up comedian, Jerry seinfeld, created the series of NBC The Seinfeld Chronicles“(after the title was shortened to Seinfeld), which has been one of the biggest television hits in American history.
The series lasted a total of 9 seasons. Larry he left her in the seventh and returned to the show two years later. In total he was nominated 19 times for the awards Emmy, winning it twice.

In October 1999, the cable chain HBO premiered a special titled “Larry David: Curb your enthusiasm!“which was followed by the launch of a television series titled”Curb Your Enthusiasm“.
The first episode of this series aired in October 2000. David was nominated three times for an Award Golden Globe in the category of Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Series (2003, 2005, and 2006) for their work in “Curb Your Enthusiasm“.
The program also received an Award Golden Globe in the category of Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy in 2003. Also, “Curb Your Enthusiasm“was nominated four times for the Awards Emmy in the category of Best Comedy Series, and in 2003, David was also nominated in the category of Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Apart from his work on “Seinfeld” and in “Curb Your Enthusiasm“, David he has been involved in other projects for film and television.
In 1998 he wrote and directed the film “Sour grapes“About two cousins ​​who travel to Atlantic City to play. The film was not a critical or box office success. He had previously worked on”Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?” from Henry Jaglom, and the movie of Lawrence Turman, “Second Thoughts“, both from 1983.
David briefly appeared in two films by Woody Allen, “Radio days“(1987) e”New York Stories“(1989). His last work in a feature film was in another film by Woody Allen, “Whatever Works“(2009), forthcoming.

In his personal life, Larry got married with Laurie Lennard in March 1993, and has two daughters, Cazzie Y Romy. Laurie is a well-known environmental activist, which is reflected in the character of Cheryl David, the fictional woman of Larry david in the series “Curb Your Enthusiasm“The couple divorced in 2007.