Lakshmi Mittal – Biography of Lakshmi Mittal

Born on June 15, 1950, in Churu of Rajasthan, India. He is an industrial billionaire. According to Forbes magazine (2010) he is one of the wealthiest men, and whose fortune oscillates between $ 28.700 million.

He grew up in Sadulpur, which was a village without electricity. His father was Mohan mittal, who traveled with his entire family to Calcutta, where he opened a metal workshop. Lakshmi inherited this workshop, which expanded and prospered until it became a Mittal Steel.

The company back then called Ispat, began to grow more and more. And when Lakshmi learned of the problems of a steel mill in Indonesia, he decided to buy it. So the wealthy Lakshmi transformed her into Ispat Indo. It subsequently bought another distressed steel mill in Trinidad and Tobago.

The huge industrial emporiums of the countries of the former Soviet Union and the Socialist Bloc were privatized. And the billionaire bought steel companies in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia and the Republic of Macedonia.

Lakshmi Mittal is married and the father of two children. His firstborn is called Aditya, who has a position within the company. He also has a daughter, whose wedding was very expensive.

The wealthy Lakshmi owns 43.3% of Mittal Steel-Arcelor, which is responsible for 10% of the world’s steel trade. His residence is in Kensington, United Kingdom and he bought it for almost 130 million euros
This house was acquired in 2003 from the Formula 1 businessman, Bernie ecclestone and it was built with the same marble as the “Taj Mahal”Of India, which is why many know it as the“Taj mitta”.

He is the President and CEO of the Mittal Steel Company, which is the leading international steel producer. It currently has branches in 14 countries. He was voted the European Entrepreneur of the Year by the magazine Fortune (2004).

He was involved in a political scandal in 2002. Since he and British Prime Minister Tony Blair were involved in the donation of $ 3.4 million by the Labor Party, which led Blair to interfere by sending a letter to the Romanian Prime Minister with the purchase of a steel company from Mittal.

Recently the group of hackers Anonymous, blocked for several hours the website of the steel giant Arcelor-Mittal. With this act they protested the partial closure and dismissals carried out by Lakshmi Mittal at its facilities in Liège (Belgium).