Kodi on the Xbox

ByBill Toulas-September 12, 2019.1020 Nintendo has been awarded by the Uk High Court a permanent injunction for five Isps. People’s access to a common “chipping” website for the Switch has been blocked. The software company has also filed a new complaint against the website of RomUniverse. First the Uk High Court ordered five Isps (Internet Service Providers) in the country to block domains named “Group Xecutor.” The Isps are Sky Bt Ee TalkTalk and Virgin Media, and the blocked domains are “team-xecutor.com” “sx-xecutor.com,” “sxflashcart.com,” and “xecutors.com.” These websites are dedicated to Turning piracy supporting tools that bypass and require access to content that violates copyright (“chipping” console). As far as Nintendo Switch pirated games are concerned, if you are a member of one of the above Isps in the Uk this could be the end of the road for you! It’s not because you can always use a Vpn and regain access to the websites above, though. The High Court is aware of this and has said the order is intended merely to act as a piracy deterrent. In addition to this, Nintendo has also filed a lawsuit against the owner and operator of the website “RomUniverse” which offers photos of Nintendo game Rom. The case was filed at a federal court in California and the name of the defendant is “Matthew Storman.” RomUniverse is one of the most successful such websites right now providing several thousands of illegal copies of Nintendo games for all the consoles that the company has ever made and counting more than 375000 active members. The piracy site offers unlimited downloads for a $30 membership fee. Do the math and you’ll find out that the game has made more than one hundred million that is exactly the amount of statutory damages Nintendo is now calling for. Last summer Nintendo protested against other Roma sites against Super Mario Bros switch game piratesC64 port that did not even pose a threat to their profits sending a clear message that they do not want to accept any sort of unlawful misuse of their goods.