Kesha – Biography of Kesha

The singer Kesha Rose Sebert, better known simply as Kesha, was born on March 1, 1987 in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States.

Kesha plays especially pop and dance music, already coming from a family related to the world of music. His mother, Pebe Sebert, was already a singer. In fact, it was accompanying her mother to a Nashville studio, where the family moved because a contract had come out, when Kesha became interested in that world.

In 2005 the young woman already signed a contract with a record company, although she began by giving voice to some choirs of other musicians. It was not until 2008 that she began to be known, when she appeared in the video clip “I Kissed a Girl”, by Katy Perry, along with Flo Rida.

In 2009 Kesha made her first release, which consisted of a single that she called “TiK ToK.” The song was a great success, reaching number 1 in the charts of more than 10 countries, which encouraged the singer to release her first album, which was called “Animal”.

This work, which came out at the beginning of 2010, was also a great success, immediately becoming number 1 in the United States, selling different singles from it. In countries such as New Zealand, Canada and Australia the album was sold online, also with great sales success. In fact, the album, in just 3 months sold more than a million copies and was downloaded more than 8 million times.

In 2010, due to the flooding that the city of Nashville had suffered, Kelly did a concert to raise funds, raising more than $ 70,000. In this same year he released his first EP, which was called “Cannibal”, with which he made a tour called Get Sleazy Tour through the United States, Europe and Australia.

Her next album, called “TBA”, will see the light during this year 2012, and is characterized because the singer was inspired by the music of the 70s, giving it a more pop rock style.