Kendra Wilkinson – Biography of Kendra Wilkinson


Kendra Wilkinson was born on June 12, 1985 in San Diego, California, United States. There he grew up with his family and attends High School in a nearby town.
Today Kendra Wilkinson is known as a model and Playboy bunny, this young woman resides in the Playboy Mansion and is one of the famous three current girlfriends of the owner and founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner.
She is also recognized by television, as Kendra has participated in the famous reality show “The Girls Next Door”, broadcast in the United States on “E! Channel.”
This young and beautiful model has met the famous and prestigious Hugh Hefner at his 78th birthday party at the Playboy Mansion, in which she was only present as one of the usual “painted girls”, and it is from that moment that she made an impact of itself to which man who crossed in front of him. But the most desired has been interested in her when he saw some photos of her on an occasion when he was not in the mood to decide something, and when he saw her personally this time with more than courage, he decided that he wanted Kendra as one of his girlfriends officers.
A few months later, Kendra accepts and moves into the Playboy Mansion with Hef, and automatically becomes a Playboy model together.
From here, Wilkinson has made impressive sessions for the magazine, including with his companions, the other two girlfriends of the owner and founder of the magazine. Also with them is that Kendra, makes her first appearance on the small screen collaborating with the film entitled “Scary Movie 4”.
This beautiful and much desired woman loves to exercise and is passionate about sports, especially football and boxing, which suggests to many men, without neglecting her boyfriend’s own fantasies. The model claims that her favorite American football teams are the San Diego Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles, and because of that passion she herself writes a column on the official website of these teams.