Katie Morgan Net Worth 2020

Katie Morgan Net Worth 2020 and Career Training

Katie Morgan was born on 17 March 1980 in the Los Angeles California suburb of Reseda. She was born in an extremely religious family and had a difficult upbringing at home. In 2008 Katie Morgan met with James Jackson, her future husband. At the time they were both in relationships so only a friendship formed. Months later they met again on another film set and each learned the other was single by then. They were married in the year 2009.


She took the initiative of reaching out to an existing adult film star whose number she had noticed while rifling through Rolodex. The adult film star gave her an agent’s contact details and advised Morgan on the dos and don’ts in the industry. Since then she has called the conversation the best advice that anyone in her life has possibly ever offered her. Morgan did not think that, in those early days, she would become a household name. She just decided to do a couple of movies and make some money before going to jail. Her scene in Dirty Debutantes 197’s Ed Power not only helped her pay off the bail and plea bargain, but also encouraged her to try a full-time adult film career. She built up her filmography over the next seven years with ventures like » Black Cravings 4 « (2001) » Babysitter 10 (2002) » Mary Carey on the Rise « and » Another Man’s Wife » (2007). She withdrew from the company in 2008 but returned a year later with the official announcement. She revealed in September 2015 that she was going back to the adult film industry and had signed an agreement with Nexxxt Level Talent Agency. His recent projects include Along for the Ride (2016), Venus Vixens (2016), and Lesbian House Hunters Part 14 (2017).

Net Worth

Katie Morgan is a former American pornographic actress and speak-show host with a net value of $4.5 million. Link