Kathleen Rose Perkins – Biography of Kathleen Rose Perkins

Kathleen Rose Perkins was born in 1974 in New Baltimore, Michigan.

The only woman of 5 siblings, as a child she enjoyed her free time preparing plays and performing them for her neighbors, which inevitably led her to get involved in her high school drama group.
He subsequently obtained his BFA in Musical Theater at the Western Michigan University, and after spending time doing theater, she moved to Los Angeles, where after continuing to train as an actress for a while, she began to develop professionally.

He made his debut before the cameras in 2001, when he participated in an episode of “The Fighting Fitzgeralds”. From then on, he developed a promising career, mainly focused on television.

She is remembered for her regular roles in “Til Death“, Where he played Ms. Duffy between 2009 and 2010, and previously it could be seen in the skin of Amy on “Trust me“, It was Julia on “Tell me you love me” Y Jocelyn on “Help me help you”.
Other of her credits include guest appearances in other programs such as “CSI Miami“,”Without a trace“,”Living with Fran“,”How I met your mother“,”Nip / Tuck“,”Grey’s Anatomy“,”Eli stone“,”Castle“,”NCIS: Los Angeles“,”The mentalist” Y “Law & Order: Los Angeles“, And was also seen in the telefilms”Jack’s House“,”The Amazing Westermans“,”Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas“,”Talk Show Diaries“,”Never better” Y “Married not dead”.

As of 2011, she can be seen in the upcoming series “Episodes“, Which will star, among others, by Matt LeBlanc, and where you will have the role of Carol Rance.

On the big screen, his first job was in the 2004 comedy “Burning Annie“, And this was followed by”The island”, In which he worked together with Scarlett Johansson, Ewan McGregor Y Steve Buscemi, “Living ’til the End“And the recently released comedy”10 Years Later“, Which she starred in with Jake hoffman Y Rachel Boston.

In another area of ​​your career, Kathleen ventured as a writer in the short that also starred in “Last night”, Released in 2006.