Katerina Graham – Biography of Katerina Graham

Katerina graham Born in 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland, she is a renowned actress, model, singer, and professional dancer.

Daughter of Joseph Y Natasha graham, grew up in a family with a wide cultural variety, which is why he is fluent in several languages, such as English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. From a very young age, she moved with her family to Los Angeles, United States, where she began her career.

In the beginning, she worked on several television commercials, even becoming a “Fantana“in the drink propaganda”Fanta“, from Coca-Cola Company. Then he got some small roles in movies and series, until he got to be consecrated.

With regard to telefilms, it could be seen in “Hell on earth” Y “Our First Christmas“. On the big screen, he was part of the cast of several films, among which are:”You to London and me to California“,”Family vacation” Y “17 again“.

But without a doubt, when it comes to acting, his worldwide recognition was achieved thanks to his participation in series such as “Lizzie McGuire“,”Philadelphia Doctors“,”Malcolm“,”Joan of Arcadia“,”As a family“,”Grounded for Life“, The OC. “, CSI“,”Hannah Montana“, and the one that pushed her to the top of her career thus far,”The Vampires Diaries“, in which it characterizes Bonnie bennett since 2009.

In addition, he was part of one of the world tours of black Eyed Peas, in it he made choruses of several of the successes of said band.