Kate Hudson – Biography of Kate Hudson

Kate hudson is a well-known film actress of American origin, famous for having been nominated for the Academy Awards for his role in “Almost Famous”.

Kate garry hudson was born on April 19, 1979 in the populous city of Los Angeles, located within the state of California, in the United States of America.

His family consisted of his father, the singer and comedian Bill hudson and his mother, the famous winner of the Oscar Goldie hawn. His ancestry is Italian Jewish, and his father’s lineage dates back to the 15th century in England.

Her parents decided to divorce when she was only 18 months old and she and her brother Oliver moved to the state of Colorado, where Goldie She quickly got back with her longtime boyfriend, the famous actor Kurt russell.

Kate grew up next to Russell coming to love him as if he were his biological father, since the latter never seemed to pay attention to him. By Russell he has a half brother named Wyatt.

Throughout her childhood she grew up looking at her mother and the work she did and came to admire her in such a way that today she continues to be her role model, since it seems to her that she has managed to lead her life very well.

Upon reaching high school, he enrolled in the institution Crossroads where he learned to act professionally to graduate in 1997. After this he sent an application to join the New York University, but he preferred to launch into acting before this.

He immediately got a job, but he has always made it clear that it was all on his own merit and that he did not want his parents’ names to influence his professional career.

Desert blue“(Blue Desert) was his first appearance on the big screen, back in 1998 and despite not receiving great reviews it was enough to also participate in”Ricochet River”.

The following year, in 1999, he was a member of “200 Cigarettes”A tragicomedy that included among its cast Casey affleck And his brother Ben affleck already Courtney love among many others.

Continuing a very prolific career, in early 2000 he appeared alongside Richard Gere on “Dr. T & the Women”(The Women’s Doctor), sharing the set with female stars such as Helen hunt, Farrah fawcett, Liv tyler Y Tara reid.

However, it wasn’t until “Almost Famous”(Almost Famous), from that same year, which did not receive the full attention that an actress with all her potential deserved. For his role as Penny lane, was nominated for Academy Awards What Best Supporting Actress.

After such an honor, she was awarded a Golden globe for the same role and later acted within “Gossip“(Rumors) and” About Adam “(About Adam), sharing the scene with actors such as James marsden.

Taking a one-year break, he was offered the starring role of Mary jane watson for the feature film of “Spiderman“(Spider-Man) that would be released in 2002. She decided to reject this role to star in”The four feathers”(The Four Feathers).

Unfortunately the latter was a commercial failure contrary to “Spiderman”, Which put Kirsten dunst already Tobey Maguire but she did not care so much, since it was her wish to participate in the classic historical romance.

Along this same line, she was the protagonist of “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”(How to Lose a Man in 10 Days) with the charismatic Matthew McConaughey, in one of the most successful romantic comedies of 2003: more than 100 million dollars in gross.

After doing some more romantic comedies, he went on to make a thriller called “The Skeleton Key”(The Phantom Key), which although it did not become a success, remained above expectations.

His latest release was the feature film “You, Me and Dupree”(Three Are Multitude) with Owen wilson Y Matt dillon, a comedy that fetched $ 21.5 million in its first week of release.

For this time, more precisely on November 18, 2006, Kate began filing for her divorce with Chris Robinson, a musician she had married in early 2000.

From this union was born Ryder russell robinson, on January 7, 2004 and the complete divorce was only signed on October 22, 2007.

After going public with their separation in 2006, he began dating his co-star. Owen wilson, but this did not come to good terms and Kate she soon went on to hang out with other boys.

In July 2006 he sued the British version of the National Equirer for having thrown a note saying that she suffered from an eating disorder that left her as skinny as she is. In order to Hudson the news was “completely inappropriate and a total lie”.

For 2008 the film “Fool’s Gold”, Returning to star with Matthew McConaughey and it already has three projects agreed for 2009.