Kat Dennings – Biography of Kat Dennings

Kat dennings is a well-known American-born film and television actress, famous for having worked in films such as “Virgin at 40”.

Katherine dennings was born on June 13, 1986 in the city of Philadelphia, located within the state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America.

His fondness for acting and interpretation was born thanks to his mother, Ellie litwack, who is a writer of poems. As a child, I spent every afternoon with her, reading and playing to represent plays.

For this reason, upon entering elementary school, he also began taking acting classes at a local theater. Her mother also took her to auditions at the time, but her father was against it since her Jewish family spoke badly of artists.

Still, only fourteen years old, Kat made his screen debut by appearing in a series of episodes of the popular television series “Sex in New York”. There he met the cast composed of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin davis, Cynthia nixon Y Kim cattrall.

After this first screen of fame, in 2001 the Warner brothers called her to play the character Sarah stewart inside the sitcom “Raising Dad”(Raising Dad). It was a great success and stayed on the air until May 2002.

It was in October of that same 2002 that he made his debut in a feature film, embodying Claire carlyle on “The Scream Team”(The screaming team). This production went directly to television by the chain Disney Channel, but it was enough for her to get even better offers in her future as an actress.

Already in 2004, she became one of the protagonists of the dramatic “Raise Your Voice”. There, Hilary Duff she suffers the torments of guilt, after having made her brother take her to a concert before leaving for college. On the journey home, they collide and he dies, taking with him the dream of singing Duff.

Already in 2005, continuing with her good fortune, she was selected to accompany Edward Norton on “In the valley“. This time he was lucky enough to meet David morse, gaining much recognition in the Cannes Film Festival.

His definitive leap to fame came when he starred in the comedy “The 40 Year Old Virgin”(2005). In it he played the character Marla piedmont, sharing the credits with Steve Carell, Paul rudd Y Jonah hill.

Later that year, he had a strong appearance on the television series “CSI: New York“His episode there was called“Manhunt manhunt“, Embodying Sarah Endecott and putting in a great mess Gary sinise.

Also around this time he was a guest star on “Emergencies (ER)“, working alongside, Goran Visnjic. Later, in 2006, he shared the big screen with Martin Lawrence on “Big Momma’s House 2”.

His career continued with titles such as “Charlie bartlett”(2007), where he acted with Robert Downey Jr Y Hope davis; “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”(2008), accompanied by the Canadian Michael Cera; “Shorts: The Magic Stone“(2009), the director’s family film Robert rodriguez; “Defender“(2009), a film whose cast led alongside the actors (Woody Harrelson Y (Sandra Oh; and the ticket office “Thor“(2011), in which he played the role of Darcy Lewis.

At the moment Kat is working as one of the protagonists of the new sitcom of CBS, “{@movie: 2 Broke Girls}“, in which he plays Max, a waitress at a cheap Brooklyn restaurant, who dreams of running her own business with her friend and coworker Caroline (Beth behrs). The series is scheduled to premiere in September 2011.