Juana Acosta – Biography of Juana Acosta

The actress Juana Acosta was born on November 28, 1976 in Cali, Colombia. She is also a model, and despite her nationality, she resides in Spain, where she has developed most of her professional career.

Juana has worked both on the big and small screen as well as in theater. His work is not very extensive in this last medium, but he has represented works such as “Convulsions” and “Los demonios”, both by Pavel Nowisky, as well as “Nuestro pueblo”, by the prestigious Juan Carlos Corazza.

His television debut took place in 1995, when he participated in “Mascarada”, which was followed, already in 1999, “The Lady of the Swamp” and, in 2000, “The Queen of Queens”.

The actress has participated in many Spanish series such as “Javier no longer lives alone”, “Policemen, in the heart of the street”, “The commissioner”, “Genesis, in the mind of the murderer”, or “Murderous women”.

Popularity came to her in 2008, when she joined the team of the series “Hospital Central”, in which she was until 2009 playing the role of Dr. Sofía Carrillo, a resident under the tutelage of Lola, with whom she did not does not get along well. Her character is a very ambitious girl who likes to act on her own without being under the responsibility of anyone.

Among the rest of the series in which Juana has worked, we can highlight “Adolfo Suárez” or “Hispania, layenda”.

As for the big screen, the actress made her debut there in 1998, in the movie “Golpe de Estadio”, directed by Sergio Cabrera. His filmography includes many other titles, such as “It is better to be rich than poor”, “Games under the moon”, “Winter songs”, “Diary of a skin”, “A blows”, “The 2 sides of the bed “,” The assassin in the parking lot “or” One more hour in the Canary Islands “, among others.

As for his personal life, he is the partner of the actor Ernesto Alterio, with whom he has a daughter. She is therefore the sister-in-law of Malena Alterio and daughter-in-law of Héctor Alterio. Her sister is the actress Valentina Acosta.