Juan Carlos Desanzo – Biography of Juan Carlos Desanzo

Around 1939, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he was born Juan Carlos Desanzo. Famed film director, famous in Argentine cinema for always achieving one success after another.

At the beginning of his career, Desanzo stood out as a screenwriter and an excellent photographer. He has more than 50 titles under his belt and continues to add up over the years. Creator of “The sons of iron”, “Juan Moreira” Y “Truce”.

He began a professional career within the Juan José Musid production company, where he became, thanks to his almost natural talents, the star director of photography and first in his profession of hundreds of commercials.

This is how he progressed with his photographic arts and advertising, until he saw the opportunity to direct a feature film that would mark his rise to the big screen, “The revenge”, a thriller for which the public began to recognize him en masse and marked a one-way path from which Desanzo never returned. Already with the recognition of the public and praised by his peers and environment, the director began to launch one success after another.

Possessor of an influential cinematographic language, he promoted a part of the cinema that hitherto was rare for Argentine production.“In retreat” Y “The search”, were the subsequent works of Desanzo, they followed the line of his first feature film and were taken under the same scheme. However with this, he decides to go for more by launching a classic policeman “At the edge of the law” with touches of parody towards the national police institutions.

Finally, the movie that all Argentines loved came to the big screen. “Eva Peron”, Where the director managed to capture the essence of the first lady of General Juan Domingo Peron and I draw in 114 minutes the life of the immortal Evita of the town. This film opened the doors to the world of historical cinema and the audience’s feedback was better than expected. He captivated an entire country and was internationally recognized. He decided then to launch another equally controversial story “Ever onward to victory”, his sixth feature film.