Jos Mara Merino – Biography of Jos Mara Merino

The writer José María Merino was born on March 5, 1941 in the city of A Coruña. He is also a member of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Merino was born into a family in León, in which his father, a lawyer and republican, had to hide during the Civil War in Galicia, where he was born. A few years after the conflict ended, the family returned to León.

However, during his adolescence he lived in Madrid, where, after finishing his secondary studies, he enrolled at the University, where he graduated in Law. Soon he began to work in the Ministry of Education, collaborating in various Unesco projects.

A great fond of writing, he has always combined his work with his literary activities. In his bibliography we find works belonging to all literary genres, especially narrative, but also with poetic publications.

In 1976 he published his first novel, “Novel by Andrés Choz”, With which he gets the Novels and Stories Award. This is followed, in 1981, by the novel “El cadero de oro” and, in 1985, “The dark shore”, With which he is awarded the International Critics Award, with which his literary career is already consolidated.

Among the rest of the novels written by Merino we will cite “The center of the air “, “The invisible ones“,”The heir“Or”The chasm”. Also “The visions of Lucrecia”, With which the Miguel Delibes Award, “The heir”, For which he is granted the Ramón Gómez de la Serna Award, Y “The river of Eden”, The latter published in 2012 and with which it obtains the Critics Award of Castilla y León.

He is the author of several works of narrative for children and young people, such as “The land of lost time”, “The white-sheet notebook“,”The pets of the transparent world“Or, among several others,”The summer trains. I am not a book”, For which he is granted the National Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Literature.

He has also written several short novels, such as “The place without guilt“Or”Four nights“, And a large number of stories, such as”Tales of rare days“,”Tales of the secret kingdom“Or”The book of the counted hours”.

We find, as we have said, some poetic works in his bibliography, among them “Birthday away from home“Or”Tarifa site”.