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Taffer was born in New York on 7 November 1954. He grew up in the U.S. at Great Neck, where he spent his early childhood that he says to be great. Jon went to the William A. Shine Great Neck South High School, a high school in the city. He had thought about the money as soon as he could. He grew up with a lot of perspectives about money, as his parents were businessmen. During his education he moved to Los Angeles but today he lives in the city of lights: Las Vegas. His first role wasn’t something he wanted to do and wasn’t even similar to the things he did at the uni. In the 1970s, he was a bartender, who lived during West Hollywood. These were his teenage years while he was a member of the band and he was determined to become a rock star. His first job in the field he wanted to work in was a manager’s job at a West Hollywood night club. It occurred in 1978 and he supervised the employees and handled the bar’s sales and expenses. He found he was very good at the job, and in the late 1980s he decided to open his first bar. They carry out annual shows related to magazines listing clubs, and so on. It’s a very important job that has to be properly hosted to operate. A show called Bar Rescue premiered in 2011. It is a series that shows various bars in horrible conditions, and finally nightclubs. Taffer hosts this show and as he says, transforms bars with potential into money-making crèches. The makeovers are all funded and hosting the show isn’t too expensive and Jon is making a lot of money on them. Every now and then his wife Nicole makes a few appearances on the show and she plays the role of a shopper of mysteries. Not only is he famous for hosting the show but he is also renowned for other items in which he is involved. Height and weight

Estimates have set the height of Jon Taffer at 1.88 m. And 89 kg by weight.

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