Jodie Michalak’s Fabulous Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brunettes have fun and then some. Brown hair can be as head-turning as platinum locks with blonde highlights. Blonde streaks in dark hair, without the dedication, add contrast and appeal. Whether you’re having light brown or dark brown chocolate hair, there’s a pale companion that can make even the richest hues come alive. Brown hair has lots of tones and it certainly isn’t the same. Your hair will go through several stages when you light up your tresses. Many people will flatter you, other people won’t skintone. Using a custom hair coloring process, applying blonde to brown hair is best done by a professional. There is a brunette-to-blonde hair lighting technique that can add a little (or a lot) of sunshine to your style, depending on your maintenance goals and desired look. Versatility is what makes it fun and exciting to bleach brown hair. It can be quite ambitious from heavy blonde highlights on brown chestnut hair to mahogany tresses kissed with copper blonde.

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Ideas

Look at the brunette highlight ideas below and be encouraged by an enlightened look. Whoever said the brown still had to be boring?

Balayage Blonde Ends

Shade hair makes wearing roots an acceptable alternative to expensive appointments for hair coloring. This brunette with blonde ends rocks bed head in the best way when paired with a texture cut that offers lots of movement and wave.

Caramel & Cream

Platinum blonde highlights don’t have to go all around the face. Combine the paint with different honey shades of blonde tips in the front paired with blonde caramel highlights in the back and you can still reap all the benefits of highlights without the dedication to allover.

Long Espresso Curls

Get this beach-ready hair color by adding mid-shaft mid-shaft highlights on long hair. Such natural blonde highlights appear like they’ve been kissed by the sun when put on using the artful balayage freehand technique.

Ice Mocha Brown

The neutral approach to applying hair highlights to brown hair without unflattering golden or orange shades is perfect for hot complexions ice mocha and beige highlights. Ash blonde shows medium and olive complexions that are flatter. 1214.jpg” />

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Brown Color Melting

This color melting technique applies blonde streaks to a variety of shaft pieces, resulting in spontaneous art and much more realistic than a full head of brown hair highlights. This color will grow beautifully so that the maintenance can be cancelled.

Three Shades of Brown

The mixing together of three shades of medium brown produces warmth and visual interest and blonde clarity without a single voice. This method of coloring is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain their dark brown assets by incorporating a multitude of shades.

Cream coffee

Say goodbye to brown boring and light up your beige highlights for a universally flattering blonde take. ‘

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‘ Ombre Balayage Combo’

‘ Ideal answer to indecision? Dark and brunette scanning! This hand-painted brunette works beautifully on a cut of medium length and instantly adds to any fashion texture and movement. Bedhead never looked any better.

Blonde Balayage Beach

Glow California. A balayage beach blonde is the perfect way to lighten brown locks as chic as summer blonde can get so they can easily transition into autumn. Hold on with this sexy and sunny style to that Indian Summer a little longer.

Root Smudged Locks

Contrast shades at the ends of the hair shaft and brunette with blonde streaks that look natural. Ideal for light brown or dark blonde, with lighter accents, you will slowly warm up your teint.

Cute chat about Bangin ‘ Blonde Brunette

Bangs and auburn brown blend eccentrically to create a trendy hair color and style that displays lots of movement and blonde ends. Whether you’re wearing this golden highlights shade as your blonde beach look or taking it into winter, there’s plenty of interest to make it perfect throughout the year.

Painted Brunette Lob

Add a blonde to the hairstyle of your lob and the mid-length cut is far from basic. This color painted leaves plenty of room for growth and can be toned to flatter your teint. Ask your colorist for maximum contrast to enrich your brown first. 1222.jpg” />

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Miscellaneous Brown Balayage

See the source. This color clearly works better if you have the duration to experiment with different colors. A shadow application usually applied freely is a great way to try blonde without lightening your crown.

Blonde Edgy Brunette

Amp your haircut with an equally chic blonde shade. These golden highlights are painted using the technique of artsy balayage. Hair painting can identify haircut lines so be sure to ask your stylist for a unique position to make your cut show.

Lovely Babylights

These highlights are put in a minimal and natural contrast. Babylights are finely sectioned to blend and soft the result of the color. If you want blonde for the best effect without looking strong tissue in small highlights.

Three Dimensional Cool

This stylish color transition to golden and pale neutral blonde starts with brown roots and the result is amazing and well mixed. While any form of hair can wear highlights a blended shade such as this works best on straight or wavy hair where you will see the dimension.

Caramel Vanilla Cream

Is there any sweeter blonde highlights than this? With this dimensional color that perfectly combines warm and cool shades for a natural and wearable tone that will flatter most complexions, take your naturally light brown hair to new levels.

Sultry Rich Brunette

That’s how brown hair can get pretty long. Apply some variety with soft dark highlights at the ends to your natural brunette shade. Ideal for mixing with jumbo waves where all sexy curls will see the varied hues.

Dark Beachy Waves

Maintain the rich brown chocolate at the top and instead choose blonde ends. This highlights applied for baby fine balayage add a lot of effect with little effort. Come fall, you can enrich your color and, if desired, say goodbye to your highlights.

Nice brunette balayage

Add some lowlights to your brown hair and combine them with baby highlights for a combination of head turning colors. These sexy waves have both worlds ‘ best. The highlights of caramel blonde are a safe bet for all brunettes when in doubt.

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