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Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery

Janet Jackson is a popular songwriter and actress from the United States. She is known for her sexually provocative and socially aware accounts of her sonically superior. As well as being a sister to the late pop god Michael Jackson affectionately named Mj, she is also known for her lavish stage shows. Ages of cosmetic surgery or has she had any help? Youre the director. then and now Here are some of Janet Jackson plastic surgeries: Rhinoplasty (nose job age I would say she had to have another surgery later on as well. That plus her brother Michael Jackson with his well documented love of going under the knife. The Jackson family before and after photos never looked so different.

Janet Jackson nose job (then and now Janet Jackson’s recent surgery was a major facelift. The skin from Janet’s face was cut away and stretched to remove the sagging and wrinkles associated with aging. After tucking the surgery scars along her hairline and behind her ears Janet would heal and look years younger. Her plastic surgery went well. Janet Jackson nose was also touched up to complement her newly acquired facial look. There’s a consensus among many top surgeons that for her own well-being Janet should not have any more surgeries on her nose. We hope she follows that advice! We all know what happened to Michael Jackson’s nose after too many surgeries. Janet Jackson Breast Augmentation (Boob Job Janet’s appearance at the Vogue Fashion week after a long break from the public showed that her body had changed a lot. It was almost to the point where one could have thought she was another person entirely. Some immediately pointed to Janet Jackson fake boobs as the for a lot of this change. But are Janet’s boobs really fake? or fake-ly real? could have been explained somewhat by aging and Janet’s weight gain. But was that enough to explain those massive tits pillowing on her chest? or that the work of a competent cosmetic surgeon. . That’s why I’m leaning toward a yes on plastic surgery. The change in her boob shape and size is just too much to be natural.

Janet Jackson breast augmentation photo before and after Janet Jackson Face Lift Janet Jackson’s cheeks are now puffier with severely raised eyebrows and a quite smooth forehead for someone of her age. Many of the wrinkles you would expect to see on Janet’s face are not there. Pulling the forehead skin up removes wrinkles during a facelift but if you pull too much the eyebrows will shift to an unnatural position. That could be what happened to Janet. Janet’s puffier cheeks could be the work of cheek implants. Sometimes during a facelift procedure the surgeon opts for cheek implants to further define the face and also to reduce the amount of skin that needs to be cut. It’s hard to tell if her cheeks are the result of the facelift alone or whether she also signed up for cheek implants. I tend to think she’s got them. So are the rumors of a Janet Jackson facelift true? While I’m not a surgeon I know that our skin is usually one of the first victims of age. Most of us watch helplessly as we lose our youthful skin but not Janet. Janet’s face has certainly gone through some sort of face lift surgical procedure. Sadly with her new look the affectionate smile that made the world fall in love with Damita Jo is gone and so are the accompanying dimples. A small price to pay for her I suppose in exchange for getting rid of those pesky wrinkles.

Janet Jackson then and now is confirmed by Janet. Her make-up artist has taken credit for the severely raised eye brows which he argues flatters her face and also for her total facial look. He says that what people are seeing is the result of his hard work and not of any plastic surgeon out there. If that’s the case Janet really needs to find a new makeup artist. All that face makeup talk doesn’t address the apparent Janet Jackson breast implants. That her boobs and cleavage are just too different from her past look. One only needs to look at the before and after photos the images from then and now to make a judgement in the Janet Jackson plastic surgery rumor case. And it’s pretty clear that Janet Jackson has understandably gotten a facelift boob job and nose job at a minimum. .

Janet Jackson Bio

D A trend-setting look these box braided styles can be twisted and turned into the most stylish updo’s perfect for sassy women just like Janet Jackson. She might not have known that hairstyle would have started such a trend but it did right through the ’s and into the ’s. Just as fashions do they’ve come back around – these hot Poetic Justice braids styles. What Are Poetic Justice Braids? They were first give their name after Janet Jackson and one particular movie she starred in – Poetic Justice. The movie showed her with sassy thick box-braids (another name they are also known by and were lusted after by women all over the world ever since. It was the movie (and the sassy star obviously that made this look as iconic as it is and if you’re looking for inspiration to rock the look for yourself you’ve definitely come to the right place. Pros Of Poetic Justice Braids: Your own natural hair is protected when covered and braided into these beautiful Poetic Justice braids and gives your hair a rest from sun and element damage as well as overstepping and using heated styling tools.> There’s no end to the way you can style them – thinner braids can basically be styled in exactly the same way as your own hair except it offers much more in the way of staying power.> Once they’re in they’re in and you don’t need to worry about them until your next appointment. There are the odd tweaks you’ll need to make to your hair and beauty regime (wearing a scarf to bed using different vitamin-infused moisturisers etc. but apart from that these Poetic Justice braids styles are a very low-maintenance ‘do.> If you take care of your hair your hair will take good care of you. When you keep up with the suggested upkeep and maintenance your Poetic Justice braids styles could last for potentially months. Imagine how much easier life could be!> I think it’s safe to say we have found ourselves a winner.> Cons Of Poetic Justice Braids: If your hairstylist (or you adds to much tension when adding these Poetic Justice braids you may find that your scalp hurts in response. You must also remember that these won’t just happen in a couple of hours they are something that can take a long time to achieve and you may find that you become bored stiff and uncomfortable as you’re sat there for too long.> As we’ve mentioned these Poetic Justice braids can take many hours to complete and this will mean time away from work your family and friends or other things you could better be spending your day. We don’t all have the luxury of sparing eight hours to go and have our hair done.> Prices will vary depending on the kind of stylist or salon you go to and obviously buying the hair and applying your own braids at home will choose to be cheaper but more hassle-filled but generally you’ll be paying around $-$ Usually you can expect to pay around $>

Long Braids With A Pop Of Purple

Why wouldnt you have a brighter color? Thats what these warm Poetic Justice braids offer the opportunity to play with something you may not have worn before around a little bit more.

What about the bright purple pop? Or maybe youre pink? Choose your color and in your alternative bright color have one or two three or even hundred strings.

Black Red Ombre Braids

Black and red together may be a signature of passion, and if youre passionate about hair, what better way than mixing black and red in your Poetic Justice braids for a sizzling hot look.

The shadow look is the best way to wear bright colors, but without the colors around your eyes. If you want to recreate your look here and have a natural blend from your dark brown or black right through to a dark red to a brighter shade, keep the length long and natural looking.

Cute Updo

This is another look preferred by Solange Knowles the whole head of Poetic Justice braids is piled high on the head but instead of Jjs rocked pony worn in a woven bun twisted all around and held in place with pins.

During the summer, this is a perfect way to wear your braids. The hair is away from your face and from the hot sun you could even use a headscarf.

Half-Up Bun

This look is one of the very first ones you should definitely try to get the hang of if you want Poetic Justice braids.

is often the beginning of many complex and more complicated designs, but the fundamentals still make it an important hairstyle every day.

Braided Updo

Just because youre not a princess doesnt mean you cant wear a crown. We love this cleverly made box braid crown from a twist of these braids of Poetic Justice.

Go on being the angel you are carrying with pride your crown.

If its good enough for Beyonce, its good enough for us.

Long Light Brown Braids


If its good enough for Beyonce, its good enough for us.

Long Light Brown Braids

Cool Bow Updo

There are literally hundreds of ways you could wear your latest Poetic Justice braids and just one of the looks we fell in love with was this super cute bow look stream, like Lady Gaga, your inner diva.

Once youve had some training, the bow is really super simple to do. Its like tossing it in a pony tail, but not dragging it through the whole way. Instead, you pull it half through that section in two separately and use the remaining half of the hair to create the center section of the bow and go away. (There are YouTube tutorials too!

Twisted Half Updo

The twisted braid is a relatively new type of braid to hit the hair scene but it’s a beautiful one nevertheless and very easy to do with your box braids.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials to watch and you too could channel your inner mermaid with a long and luscious braided look like this one.

Silver Grey Braids

too easily with the addition of different shades of braids.

Opt for a dark gun metal grey or a lighter and brighter silvery grey like you can see here – the choice is yours.

Black Braids With A Pop Of Red

Even celebrity kids are jumping in on the action with these fabulous Poetic Justice braids or box-style braids. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s adopted child Zahara Jolie-Pitt rocked some pretty magnificent box braids recently and hers had a blue flash running through them too!

We like the addition of different coloured braids here but instead of blue red is the colour of choice. You can pick and choose your colours and shades so why not think a little outside the box? It would be a waste to not make the most of the options open to you.

Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids

Keri Hilson recently sported a look very similar to this one long and simple Poetic Justice braids worn loose and long for the most part on the red carpet of the special T.I. hosting of ‘Keanu’.

The two side sections have been pulled back and tied in place for an easy way to pull it back off the face – just one of the simple yet effective ways of wearing these jumbo box-style braids.

Caramel Blonde Braids

Blondes and box braids or Poetic Justice braids go hand in hand. There we said it. It’s a look that Beyonce would whole-heartedly rock and if she’s rocking it we want to rock it too.

Have different tones and shades of blondes and caramel browns for a more natural finish. Alternatively go platinum blonde just because you can. The choice is yours.

Burgundy Braids

Red is the colour of passion and fire so when you’re hair is on fire you might as well show it off by rocking a bold shade. You don’t need to go all-out even muted tones of red can create a great hair impact.

Live outside the box a little and opt for something different perhaps a shade you’ve not tried before.

Short Poetic Justice Braids

Beyonce wore them long and free. That doesn’t mean you need to though. Keep things short and sweet like these adorable short Poetic Justice braids perfect for this beautiful hot summer weather!

The length can weigh down on your scalp so for a break every now and again opting for shorter length is a really good idea.

Poetic Justice Braids With Shaved Sides

Bet Awards a half-up look with the top half twisted and turned into a kind of mock mohawk. We loved the way it looked and its a somewhat simpler way to wear it.

You dont have to choose a side-shave if its too bold for you, but you have to admit it looks super sassy!

Braids with Long Pink Ombre

Pink to wink the boys? Who cares about who winks pink is certainly there. Moreover, its also edgy, modern and super feminine. What could you hope for more?

Have the same styles that you would normally have but spice things up by adding a new shade to the mix. This style of Poetic Justice braids from black to pink shadow is crazy beautiful. Great Poetic Justice Braids With Beads

Christina Milian revealed her daughter Violets tightly braided look while on holiday. Hers have been completed in true holiday style with super awesome colored beads.

Hair jewelry cuffs and beads can be easily added to your look for your own. We love the cuffs that are used in this thicker style of Poetic Justice braids, but there are so many ways you can dress them up. We told you that they were very versatile!

Purple Braids

Purple has been known for centuries as a glamorous and elegant colour, so why not have the appeal of luxurious purple hair like this stunning braid look of Poetic Justice?

Its stunning and brilliant bold. The perfect combination of summer killer hair that for all the right reasons will get everyone talking.

High Ponytail Hairstyle

in a simple but incredibly effective sassy ponytail during the Milan Fashion Week.

Theres no better way to wear them to tie them all together and you have to admit that the look is strong and super-sassy!

Super Long Braids

Solange Knows Beyonces divisive and very colored younger sister opted for her Poetic Justice braids that were super long to her thighs.

You should bear in mind that longer braids such as these will take much longer to insert into the hair and will also need a little more care to ensure that the lengths are well maintained and secured. But dont forget – if you need your hair away from your face, you can always tie your braids up for a different look.

Simple Half Updo

Before applying your Poetic Justice braids (if you have ordered them yourself, you may want to use the same trick as another hair blogger used to get rid of any excess chemicals that may have been used to create extensions.

Soak the hair in a hot water and white wine vinegar solution to ensure that it is rinsed well afterwards to m.

Small Bob Braids

All you do is speed up the damage cycle by skipping the repair procedures, making them tatty and needing more frequent touch-ups.

Make sure you have undergone a complete and thorough conditioning treatment on your existing hair before your box braids are applied. Before the braids are attached, youll want to make sure that its in tip-top condition not only to prevent further damage, but also to make sure that the protective styles work their magic as expected. Too-tightened styles also lead to damaged hair on the scalp that can even result in temporary or permanent hair loss.

Black Grey Style

You get to be a bit of an artist when you have clearly complex and complicated box braids with relatively easy looks. You just need first to have the trading materials so make sure youve done your research asking your fabulous-haired friends and doing some shopping.

Buy vitamin pumping spray cuffs and bottles of vitamin pumping sprays and oils, but dont forget the other stuff. For example, head scarf for the safety of night time.

Black Caramel Braids

If your extensions are a little too blunt-edged cut either use scissors to feather the edges before attempting to box braid or pull them slightly out of the bundle (but not too much that they fall out to make the ends look a little more natural.

Just in case you don’t want your box braids to go right the way to the end of your hair or you’re looking for a more natural finish.

Pop Of Grey

may take a couple of attempts but the top-high bun is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it.

The trick is learning how to get everything ‘tucked-in’ tightly and neatly but the smaller your box braids or Poetic Justice braids the easier the high-bun will be until you’re a dab hand at it.

Another Cool Blonde Style

The hard part about going platinum blonde is the dyeing process – one that involves a whole bunch of lightening sessions with a harsh peroxide bleach on your hair and head.

The best part about choosing platinum blonde Poetic Justice braids? You don’t need to sit through any of that at all! You can simply use hair that is already blonde or dye existing hair with caution of course.

Pinkish Red Braids

Another classic example of how ordering the ‘wrong’ shade of hair can actually work in your favour we love this pinkish red box braids almost natural but still bright nevertheless.

Seriously it really does pay to think outside the colour box so why not have a look at the colour spectrum and see which new shades you could experiment with?

Long Braids With Golden Cuffs

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again hair jewellery is a really big thing. Like really big. Whether it’s hair cuffs like you can see on these beautiful long braids or a head-dress scarf band whatever you like it must be accessorised as part of your outfit.

You can get hair cuffs in all sorts of designs and styles now – silver gold rose gold bronze and for those who want something even more stand-out you can even get charms that hang decoratively from the hair. Excellent accessorising!

Blue Ombre Braids

Blue hair just like many of the other brighter and more colourful styles have been all the rage over the last few years and if you want to get on the mermaid hair bandwagon you need to look at multi-tones like these stunning blue ombre braids a clever mix of shades that are to ‘dye’ for!

It’s simply a matter of asking your hairstylist to cleverly braid in a few different shades of blue together to achieve a look as super cool as this. Are you brave enough to give it a try?

Grey Poetic Justice Braids Into A Braided Updo

What about a chic updo like this incredible braided style for those days when you need to make a big impression?

Its easy and saves a lot of time in the morning, and the better news is that you can completely change the updo by changing the way you braid or hold the long lengths in place.

Golden Caramel Braids

A look that never goes beyond the theme of golden caramel braids is the perfect way to get lighter in the summer without getting too hot.

In the blonde and bronde spectrum there are plenty of shades to choose from, not all about platinum and super-bright or white blond.

Half-up Ponytail

You cant decide for those days whether to wear your hair up or down the half-up and half-down hairstyle is just perfect … as the name suggests.

Just pull the top half back and do whatever you want it to look like youve spent more time on it than you do. Bun it twists and adds it to a pony tail … your choice. Spice stuff today and wear it that way. You will receive our pledge of congratulations!

Braids With An Undercut

This look may be defined by some as a disconnected look – the two main features of the style dont really go together, but they still work perfectly.

The longer uncut parts have been braided into these beautiful Poetic Justice braids while the bottom sections have been shaved into what is commonly referred to as an undercut which gives you an edgy punky look that can still be covered for the time you need to go and see the grandparents you know will not approve.

Pretty Half Updo

Twists are one of the simplest and most versatile ways to wear your Poetic Justice braids with a wide range of design types and effects that can literally be done with your hands. Or your stylists hands, of course.

You could just twist the front parts to get those front-facing braids off your face or twist your pony tail or your whole hair bill. Thats the best thing – theres awesome twists and braids in the bag. Just get twisted and youre going to see.

Braided Updo

Sculptural styling and Poetic Justice braids (or box braids are an amazing combination that is easily achieved with thicker braids, but you can still produce some impressive height with thinner braids and the right combination of twists and turns.

Long Dark Brown Braids

Although you may have different colors and tones in your Poetic Justice braids, theres nothing wrong with going back to the basics and sticking to a color thats not far from your natural shade.

Keep your braids smooth and light to make this look fantastic and ask for long dark brown braids from your stylist. Let your face (and your amazing eyebrows do the talking.

Half Up Half Down

If you’re doing your Poetic Justice braids at home make sure you keep an eye on the tension you’re adding to the braids as you do them.

One slight change in tension and the braids won’t be the same size shape or style and it’ll really stand out when you want a look like this – super sharp and super awesome.

Small But Long Green Braids

Green hair might not be for everyone but we guarantee they’ll all be green with envy when they see you rocking these stunning small but long green braids.

The trick is to keep the braids thinner to make them slightly less in-your-face but add some length too – bring out your inner hulk!

Combine Two Colors!

Who said all your Poetic Justice braids had to be the same colour? We love this look – a combination of two colours mixed together to create a real multi-dimensional style that will look just as good twisted into an intricate updo as it does worn long and loose like you can see here.

Make it random or more structured than that (such as dark underneath and light on top for example or just let your stylist have free reign to be a little creative. There are so many options open to you it would be a shame to let them go to waste.

Shades Of Brown…

shades of brown braids.

Go back to basics flick it over. Sometimes it’s all about that side part! Try first with long and loose hair to see how that changed parting looks and then incorporate different twists turns and other updo’s into the mix as you get braver. If it doesn’t work you can just take it down and wear it loose or in a pony tail.

Cute Girly Style

Channel your inner ’s kid with this fabulous blast from the past cute and girlie Poetic Justice braids style. The nineties are back didn’t you know?

It’s time to pull out the old photo albums and think about how you can spice up those old do’s for something modern and spunky for the st century woman.

Big Medium Sized Braids

When opting for larger Poetic Justice braids make sure you chat to your stylist about the kind of tension he or she is adding.

This is meant to be a protective style so breakage is not the desired effect. That’s exactly what too much tension will cause. Obviously making sure your stylist knows it’s too tight is a good idea.

Black Red Half Updo

We love the way that the black and red hair has been mixed together in the braids here rather than having just black Poetic Justice braids with a few red ones thrown in for good measure.

Braiding is the perfect way to show off the wide array of tones you have in your hair so why not blend the different ones together and get showy?

Big Braids Into A Half Updo

In their smaller, thinner designs, we love these Poetic Justice braids, but you cant deny that the bigger boxers are also pretty fabulous. These larger ones are, in essence, a huge throwback that makes a big comeback.

Dont say we havent warned you about the style coming!

Purple Braids With A Shaved Side

We love a good side shaved look but one of the hardest things to manage is the grow-back stage – the uncomfortable bit where you have short hair that isnt really solid or long enough to be braided into the rest of your hair.

This chick has the right idea to integrate the baby hair into her look of violet braids with the slightly rasped side. Use your fingers and a comb to shape your hair into a swirl just as you can see and youve got a look thats done. It doesnt always have to be very difficult.

Small And Long Caramel Braids

Last but not least, small and long caramel braids – a great way to protect your hair while at the same time making the most of the summer.

There are so many ways you can wear these types of Poetic Justice braids for not playing earlier. We hope we inspired you a lot, but remember to be creative and come up with your own brilliant and bold designs too! We cant wait to see what youre doing. Next

Janet Jackson Hairstyles and Haircuts

Janet Jacksons hairstyles and haircuts received public attention in the s when she was performing to support her Control album and has since continued to change it. The first look of a rock star was the mass of jet black spiral waves styled into a pouf. She later got a bob cut with a cheek length that looked super cute. It was the decade of dookie braids that Janet set the trend in She also liked to wear hair extensions and was often spotted with blonde or sun-strung extensions. When she got a short hair cut in layers, she started the s retro curls trend in s. Lets take a look at some of Janet Jacksons most admired hairdos: Janet Jackson with straight bangs is here. Its not a very often worn theme, but it looks good as a way of changing things. Here is the theatrical look of Janet Jackson, a long, gracefully styled haircut. In her later age, she also adapted the same kind of hairstyle somehow. As Janet grew her hair to be a trendsetter and her black locks looked like someone had told her to cut and dye her hair to create a lasting impression. The role of poetic justice was played in her and she was asked to grow her hair and keep long braids. Once Jackson tried a punchy red color and was a controversy among her fans whether it flattered her complexion or worsened. Typically she was wearing it with thick curly hair. A loose hair with a mane of spiral curls on one or both sides was one of Janet Jacksons hairstyles that became quite popular. With a very natural look, this let Janet Jackson curly hair float. Also on several different occasions, she wore elegant locks. But each time she complimented her straightened hair with low-necked bangs of smoky eyes or something that would stand out from the rest. She is often seen fluttering her dos with and without a crop of curls for red carpet events. Would you love the special and unique piece of Janet in this picture? It seems shes taken the birds styling signs. Through cutting small sections of your hair and taking them off with the aid of a styling mousse, you too can create a similar look. Heres a short hair from Janet Jackson. Its cut with a poufy top on the arms. She had a lot of heightened updos in her career. Its a common name for dense, curly textured kinky hair on white guys. The style is often called white afro white fro and bro fro.

How to pick up a Jew?

inches of

. If you go shorter, the round form will not come out; and the curls will weigh down when you want to go longer.

Hair Care Basics To Keep Up With Your Jewfro Hairstyle

You dont need to know how to grow a Jewfro because you just have to skip some barbershop appointments. But things get much more complicated when it comes to dealing with curly manes. Since kinky coiled textures tend to become frizzy all the time they become prone to damage and can quickly dry out. It is therefore important to have the right products and equipment for styling. Hold these basics in mind! For regular stylings, lightweight hair mousses without shine are a must-have. Men in a shiny finish can use creams for decoration as an alternative to regular mousses.> A good way to smooth and hydrate the curls is to use leave-in conditioners. But for hair that is shorter than -inches, it works well. It can cause your curls to weigh down, spoiling the fro look, if used on longer manes.> To create a nice volumetric shape, style your hair with a hairdryer. Before blowing your hair, make sure to apply heat protective.> You can finish the design with a light coat of hair spray if your look doesnt hold it. Try leaving one foot away while brushing your hair with the cream to keep the look natural.>