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‘ 90 Day Fiance ‘: Fans Are Sure Williams ‘ Accent Is Fake and Yolanda Is Heading for Heartbreak3. Animals

Animals are really just three songs tacked on by a pair of nice acoustic bookends (“Pigs on the Wing”). They’re the only thing that’s sweet about this cynical political album influenced by George Orwell’s Animal Farm while the majority of the songs capture the hopelessness of backstabbing businessmen (“Dogs” one of the band’s all-time best), power-hungry politicians (“Pigs (Three Different Ones)”) and passive people (“Sheep”). There are all manner of vocal manipulation and innovative harmonic innovations to differentiate the album too from previous releases by Floyd. 2.

Dark Side of the Moon This is a concept album which aims to encapsulate all life in nine songs, from birth to death. The album manages this somehow — great lyrics and weird doodly-do keyboards by sound effects and background talk saxophones, and wailing female vocals groovy bass lines and killer guitar lines. “Time” is a sad song that simply sounds like the passage of time “Money” is a cynical bass-driven groove “Us and Them” captures all the grandeur and misery of war in seven minutes and every other song is just as poignant or fascinating in its own way — except for “Any Color You Like” which is just an amazing jam. What else could you wish for?

1. Wish You Were Here

How are you going to follow an album as good as Dark Side of the Moon? If you are Pink Floyd you’re releasing an album that eviscerates the fickle music industry and mourns former bandleader Syd Barrett’s insanity. The sadness and desperation of “Wish You Were Here” and the poetic epic two (or nine?) parter “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” give the groovy snark of “Have a Cigar” and “Welcome to the Machine” a perfect counterbalance. Together, these five songs contain a little of everything that made Pink Floyd so famous. Entertainment Cheat Facebook Cover!