“It scares me; Virgin, let me stay as I am “

The sporting general director of the Seville, Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, ‘Monchi‘, has warned about the restructuring that FIFA intends to make of the calendars, in which the clubs that in the end are the ones that pay international players continue to harm themselves despite the fact that they spend more time than they should with their national teams.

“It scares me, because if the solution is a World Cup every two years, Virgencita, let me stay as I am. The clubs are the great losers of these strange calendars,” said the Sevilla executive in the hours before the duel that the Sevilla will play this Wednesday against Lille, key for the future in the Champions League.

In this sense, Monchi has set the example of the Danish Delaney. “Thomas has spent more time with his team than with Sevilla. That does not make much sense. Now there is another break, in January there is another for the South American competitions. It is not easy to generate a normal training dynamic. We hope they give it a return the federations, and also the clubs, we are the ones who maintain this shed, “recalled the one from San Fernando.

Monchi expects Sevilla to deliver a good performance against Lille. “I expect a very physical, dynamic game. They are going to squeeze us, and we are going to have to have as much control as possible of the ball, because it is going to be a dynamic game, of comings and goings,” recalled the sports director.

The sports manager of Sevilla abounded in the strange debate that Sevilla is experiencing about the team’s game and the criticisms of Lopetegui. “More than dynamics is greatness, having to explain this. That is nonconformity is good, although there are debates that do not have a long journey. The team doesn’t play well, but they win, but the problem will be the day they don’t win. I understand that there is debate, but I do want to say that if we concede few goals it is because we play well. “

The dimension that the team has taken does not favor it

Monchi does not understand the doubts with the coach. “If they were the first eight games for Lopetegui… But our way of playing or the image of the team is the same as that of two previous years. If we look at Julen’s first year we also find similar matches. Maintaining the demanding competitive pace that Sevilla has brings with it some gaps. And you have to survive. I accept that he is not playing well, but he wins, when we play a little better, imagine. Everything goes with the dimension that this team has taken. “

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