Israel Rodriguez – Biography of Israel Rodriguez

Actor Israel Rodríguez was born on March 13, 1982 in Madrid.

His professional debut took place on television, when, in 1997, he played a small supporting role in the series “El Súper”. In this same year, he was offered a permanent role in the series “When leaving class”, in which he played Rafa until 1999.

During these years he has participated in a large number of series, some of them with small roles in some single episodes, such as “Coffee with milk”, “Journalists”, “Raquel seeks your site” or “Let’s see if I get there”.

In others he has already worked with a more fixed character. Thus, we have seen him in such well-known series and productions as “Compañeros” in the role of Lucas, “The commissioner” as Toto Moreno Hurtado, “Javier no longer lives alone” as Rodrigo, “A step forward” as Friqui, “Yo I am Bea ”as Jota,“ Physics or Chemistry ”as Borja or“ The Secret of Puente Viejo ”as Antonio.

He also participated, in 2001, in a telefilm for television, “Adolescent Passion”, directed by Joaquín Llamas and in which he played Rafa.

The actor also made his film debut in 1998, by no less than the hand of director Carlos Saura, in his film “Pajarico”, after which, the following year, he worked under the command of another prestigious director, Gracia Querejeta , in his feature film “When you come back to my side.”

Israel has worked with other well-known directors such as Carlos Saura Medrano in “And you, what would you do for love?”, Gonzalo Tapia in “Lena’s Stories”, Ramón Salazar in “Piedras” or Pedro Olea in “Time of storm”, among other titles.

He has also participated in some short films such as “Bad companies”, “Looking is a sin”, “Goal”, “Nonsense”, “5 scorpions” or “The son”.

He has also done some plays in the theater, and we have seen him on stage performing productions such as “The Merry Wives of Windsor”, “Three challenging acts” or “The 80s are ours”.

Israel won, in 2000, the Award for the best male performance at the Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival.