Isabel I of Castile – Biography of Isabel I of Castile

Born April 22, 1451. She was queen of Castile and Sicily. Their parents were John II of Castile and Isabel from Portugal. His hometown, Madrigal, was at that time a small royal village.

Two years later his brother Alfonso would be born and later Enrique, who was this last son of the same father, but of the union with Maria of Aragon. In the future he would have power and would be called Henry IV.

When his father died in 1454, he moved with his mother and his brother Alfonso to the town of Arévalo, where he tried to cure the apparent madness of his mother Isabel. Although they had financial problems, despite the testamentary legacy he left John ii, are seen with the opposition of Henry IV.

The environment of the nobles makes Alfonso, 12 years old, confront King Enrique. So they take away the power of the boy in the “Farce of Avila”. However, Alfonso died in 1468.

While possession of the throne was still under discussion, Isabel refused to assume that position, while Enrique was still alive. Accepting to be named Princess of asturias. However, he was awarded the crown, becoming Queen.

His rise to power was only after succeeding in the War of the Castilian Succession (1475-1480). Confrontation in which the followers of her and her niece Juana fought.

On December 13, 1474, he assumed command with the Treaty of the Guisando Bulls. He bet on the projects of Christopher Columbus, much in spite of the detracting opinions of politicians, scientists and personalities in general.

During his reign with Fernando of Aragon events such as the establishment of the Holy inquisition (1480), the creation of the Holy brotherhood, the integration of Nasrid kingdom of Granada, etc.

After the discovery of America before the Western world (1492), the evangelization of the natives began, by the Hungarian Pauline Mojes. He also signed the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494).

In his aftermath, the misfortune came with force, since his only son died and the abortion of his wife, the death of his first-born and his grandson Miguel, the madness of his daughter Juana, among other aspects.

All this made succumb to Isabel I of Castile, who victim of a strong depression, expressed after the death of his son: “The Lord gave it to me, the Lord took it from me, blessed be his holy name. “

He died on November 26, 1594, in the Royal Palace of Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Spain.