“Is Lucas Hernández the worst signing in Bayern history?”

Lucas Hernandez footballer of the Bayern Munich and ex of Atlético de Madrid, live some difficult moments. The Frenchman is awaiting the resolution of the judicial matter that can lead to serious consequences.

On October 19, he must appear in a court of Madrid to choose the prison where you want to enter within ten days, by order of the judge because Luke He was arrested for violating a mutual restraining order he had with his wife when they went on their honeymoon together.

With such a storm again on Marseille, some media have turned the debate towards the central defender, who to this day is still the most expensive signing in the history of the Bayern. Luke left the Athletic in the middle of the course of 2019. Since then, he has not yet won the position of undisputed in the German team. Not even in this course, with the departure of Praise or Boateng.

Although from the point of view of team performance it is obvious that he has not done badly winning titles such as the Bundesliga wave Champions, some continue to doubt whether it was really worth the outlay that the Bavarian team made at the time. His first course in the team Bavaria He was injured, with a serious injury and with problems of various kinds. Hence, from the club itself, they had to get out of the background noise that there was and show their confidence in public. As his then coach Hansi Flick, Mehmet Scholl, sports director.

L. Hernández's numbers since the 18/19 season (we do not show the 19/20 season because he was injured 298 days)

Lucas Hernández’s numbers since the 18/19 season (we do not show the 19/20 season because he was injured 298 days)



The German press classified him then as “the most expensive substitute in the world” and two seasons later, this new mess for the Frenchman has caused the debate to be put back on the table. The portal ‘T-online‘, one of the most visited in Germany, wonders: “Is it Lucas Hernandez the worst signing in the history of Bayern? ”.

“The world champion is not yet an undisputed regular player, now he faces six months in prison. Is it the biggest failure of the Bayern of all time? ”, asks said medium.

The article in which the German press wonders if Lucas Hernández is the worst signing in the history of Bayern Munich.

The article in which the German press wonders if Lucas Hernández is the worst signing in the history of Bayern Munich.


“Could Bayern’s record signing end up in jail? The result of the case still seems open ”, he continues exposing the situation of the player who indicates that he could be separated from the team for“ six months ”if he finally has to comply with the Spanish justice. “Hernandez He’s not yet an undisputed regular player, but he actually seemed to be on the right track this season. In seven of the eight possible games, he was at least on the field from the beginning. What role does the novelty play in your case in the assessment of the defender, who passed from Atlético de Madrid to the Bayern in 2019 for the record sum of 80 million euros? ”he wonders.


To answer all these questions, the aforementioned media adds the position of two journalists, one who assures that it is the worst signing and another that it is not. In the case of the one that does not, Florian Wichert he assures “that it is not yet” and for this he remembers other cases. “Calling it the biggest failure in the history of the club is silly,” he says, in addition to defending that “the issue with justice has no place” when assessing something like that. .

Hernandez was sentenced in 2017, two years before his transfer to the Bayern, for domestic violence that could never be justified in life, and has served his sentence. The fact that a violation of a contact ban should land you in prison because Hernandez and his wife reconciled and married in June 2017 is at least debatable, “he reflects.

In addition, it points out that “Hernandez has a first level athletic level ”and recalls that“ he became world champion with France as a regular player in 2018, he won the Champions League with the Bayern in 2020 and, at just 25 years old, he has almost three years left until his contract expires, to silence his critics. Its market value continues to be € 45 million ”. Finally, he concludes: “the greatest failures in the history of Bayern are Renato sanches (35 million transfers), Mario Gotze (38 million) and Jean-Pierre Papin (2.75 million). By comparison, they were at least as expensive for their time and disappeared after up to three years. True failures. Unlike Hernandez”.

However, for your companion Robert Hiersemann Yes it is. “When a professional footballer is signed for a whopping 80 million euros, he has to deliver. And that’s exactly what Lucas Hernandez did not do. On the contrary: he only played 69 of the 107 possible competitive matches for his club, also due to injury reasons. Also, in the games in which he played, too often he showed mediocre performances. “

But that is not all for the informant. “Now he faces a prison sentence of several months. And although the case that is currently at stake happened before his passage through the Bayern, the topic is not over. It is too important for that. Rather, one has to wonder why the champions signed a player who had already been convicted of domestic violence. One thing is certain Lucas Hernandez not only does it not do justice to the title of the ‘record signing of the FC Bayern ‘, but also causes discomfort in the club for his private misconduct. And that’s why it’s the biggest failure in the history of Bayern”, He says emphatically.

And, of course, even the former players of the Bayern What Renato Sanches could not really convince in sporting terms in Munich. But Sanches cost 35 million euros per transfer, and not 80 million as Lucas Hernandez. And there was no threat of jail. The current case is a new dimension ”, he concludes.

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