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10 Major Cities Highest Sales TaxThis album is about those who used to see Broadway’s Opera Phantom. Purple Summer’s Song comes from Spring Awakening where it acts as the final song of music. It brings a soothing lullaby quality and for the Hare Moon rituals the coven does midseason it is a very good choice. This also features a number and more of the cast from Kiernan Shipka to Chance Perdomo. 6/6.1109 6/6.1109 Figure 2 Roz and Sabrina after cheering practice ‘CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA’ | Diyah Pera/Netflix

By The Sea This adorable little doddy is sung by Aunt Hilda and Dr Cee and is a fun lively piano duet. In this song Lucy Davis and Alessandro Juliani are just as cute as they are on the series as a couple.

Hey Mickey

A distinctly classic cheerleading tune, it’s fun to sing and groove the Baxter High Ravenettes and shows Sabrina’s true calling as a cheerleader. It’s a fun bop swinging to pom-poms and gives some work to the ladies. If being a witch does not work out a performer certainly is in her future for Sabrina. Tender Shepard

At the very end of the season, this serves as a lullaby and is just that: it allows you to fall asleep. Not that it will be boring! But the melody is so serene, and the harmonies. The witches are also taking the lead on this one with Zelda (Miranda Otto) as the most prominent voice just as she is inside the coven.

Straight To Hell Netflix posted an original song recorded by Shipka right before Part 3 premiered. It came with a music video, of course, with all the principal characters dancing on a spooky stage. With the song’s spider-webs fog and sound it’s the perfect video for Halloween but also useful to get you tuned into a new season of Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures. It’s a sassy song about going to Hell, and for the part she’s dressed.