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Facebook Messenger Receives Portrait Mode and Boomerang LoopsByNitish Singh-December 17, 2018.809 Facebook has revamped its Android and iOs Messenger App with a number of new camera features. Users can now use portrait mode based on apps, as well as Boomerang videos and Gifs in Instagram-style. It has also added a number of Ar stickers which can be included in photos and videos. While Messenger is a very popular app, when it comes to camera features it feels very sluggish and Facebook is trying to rectify that. A new update just hit the iOs and Android devices Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store which brings a number of popular Instagram features. Even on cameras that do not have dual-cameras, messenger users can now use a Portrait mode. The app does this by using tech that blurs backgrounds cleverly to offer great portrait images. While many may argue that the results are artificial and do not offer the same quality as a dual-camera setup, Ai-based blurring would have been successful for telephone manufacturers — the Apple iPhone Xr and Google Pixel 2 are two of the most popular devices that get software-based portrait modes right. Even on single-lens shooters, Messenger gets the job done reasonably well and comments say users are happy with the results. A variety of augmented reality stickers have also been introduced, enabling Messenger users to add photos and videos to their own. There are a number of holiday-themed stickers and filters to get your spirit of Christmas going too. While the features won’t help attract more users into the site, Facebook definitely helps keep its functionality consistent across its social media apps.