Inverted bob

This model has a beautiful medium inverted bob representation. The layers and the balayage effect provide an extremely compelling level of depth. This style works with different types of hair and works with straight or curly hair as well. The colors multiple tones help make this style perfect for all occasions to get an exciting fun effect. Its easy to achieve and sustain this look and it doesnt take much time.

Layered Inverted Bob Cut

This inverted layered bob is ideal for a common messy look. As this model shows above the right cut with her before and after photos, a look from being tired and drab to being sassy and chic can completely change. Her reddish-brown color makes her beautiful skin tone a fantastic job. The ombre hair has also rushed to the top of the coloring industrys popularity. Its the easy, fast, perfect style.

Long a-line bob with highlights

Well-made highlights can make a masterpiece of any simple haircut. If youve added highlights to an inverted bob hairstyle, your image will be truly unique. Ask your hairstylist for the photos color mix. Youre not going to regret it!

Long Inverted Bob

means a long inverted bob. To provide a high stacked look, it doesnt have the super short layers in the back. This cut has a much less serious reversal and adds to the back long layers that still have weight. This cut is also referred to as a lob haircut, with the long layers in the front and the deep side part providing additional bangs. For both professional and casual wear, this style is good.

Long Bob Cut For Thick Hair

For thick hair, long graduated bobs are great. It is advantageous to have thick hair, so make the most of it. If you have a flaunt of it. Think of it. For ages, you wont need to back-comb and use a ton of hairspray to keep everything in place. This is a pretty natural look to create a bit of dimension with just a few highlights. But its just beautiful.

Short Layered Bob

The photo above is a short-layered bob with super short layers in the rear of the cut. This cuts dramatic inversion provides a wedge shape that is frequently sought after with inverted bob hairstyles. The long layers at the front of this style, also referred to as a wedge cut, offer the versatility to obtain different styles. This style of hair is al

Go low

Long, very stylish a-line bobs. The stands on the front can be as low as you want. The longer the bob, however, the more difficult it is to take care of. You can sport a very stylish haircut if youre not afraid of the trouble!

Short Straight Inverted Haircut

An inverted haircut that is straight and short makes a woman look pretty bossy, the exact result that many modern women are looking for in their haircut. The added texture makes the haircut more interesting and sophisticated as well. You will also notice that the flowing layers give volume and movement to the style that disregards the texture of your hair. Hair stylists advise you to apply some thickening hairspray to your clean, wet tresses and then blow them dry. And if your tresses are already dry, apply dry texture hairspray to give your beautiful tresses a lived-in allied and textured appearance. Such hairstyles will look particularly winning on women who have fine hair (lots of fine hair and find it hard to make it voluminous, and the great news is that such hairstyles will work for women of any face shape and age. If you can afford to spend some time in styling every morning, you can choose such a style without hesitation.

Straight Short Bob Haircut

The sides of the back, including the front. We love all this hairstyle. The choppiness overall is a beautiful touch. With a break like this, you can get rid of all your split ends. Were not suggesting youve got split ends. Well, you know what we are talking about. Its pretty wispy to look at the front but its really working. For this theme, you wouldnt have to go jet black either. Any color that is uniform will look great.

Choppy Bob Cut Highlights

Highlights are really helpful in raising every look. And with this next do, thats exactly the case. You have to love how bright these blonde ends are – its sure to be one of our favorite parts. Find out how the cut is too choppy. It puts together the whole theme. It goes to show that to add volume to a look, layers are required all the time. Theres no need for this one.


This stunning stacked and sleek bob looks great on tall, straight hairy women. The front strings are a little longer than the size of the nose. The middle of the back is lined. For women of all occupations, such hairstyle is suitable.

Wavy and messy

Wavy hair is very difficult to cut enough to produce a classic inverted bob. You can still choose to do that, though. Allow the frontal strands much longer than the back so that the curls do not blur the difference in the point.

Angled Short Curly Bob

This model has an inverted short style of bob that accentuates the shape of the face and the characteristics of the face. The super short layers in the back of this cut give you an incredible amount of volume that would never let you know this model has thin hair. The short curly hair also adds to this style loads of dimension and gives it a beautiful lift. Gray Inverted Bob

Going gray is no longer a bad thing. Yeah, its a phenomenon to believe it or not. Clearly, this female is too young to have gone white, so she must have had her hair colored. Just think if in your younger years you can rock a gray bob, you know that when your real gray hair begins to peak through, youll look damn fine. This gray hair also glinches so beautifully under the light.

Short and stacked

add more size to your keys. This hairstyle can be created by women with thick hair to keep their unruly locks neat. This bob can be the best choice if youre ready for some maintenance in the morning.

Front Long Wisps

This cut has a perfect mixture of dark and light. Light blonde tresses stream into dark brunette tresses. On the front framing the face are a few wispy bits. This softens the look that makes it look like a lot of girlier. But not in a child-like manner. If theres such a thing, a feminine-girly. You can recreate this cut and have no problem keeping your natural hair. However, dinging a bit of color really elevates the look. 1059.jpg” />

Long Bob Hairstyles

Right inverted bob long if you want to wear a fun yet sexy hairstyle. And we can assure you that this style is sufficiently elegant to work with. Whats more, its low maintenance and quick styling. Apply a heat-protective to your clean wet tresses and blow dry to recreate a straight long bob. After that flat iron, finish your tresses with your choice of dry oil. If your lifestyle is active and busy, this quick and easy style will be perfect for you. For this hairstyle, thin to medium tresses will work best.

Short Blonde Bob

Is it really more fun for blondes? If they have this hairstyle, we bet they do! While this cut is quite short, the incorporated ombre technique is still soft and playful. And you can also pull it away. Its your only job to maintain this look by taking care of the color and shine. You dont even have to worry about growing through your roots – it just adds to the look.

Wild Colors

You can make this short bob with wild highlights if youre in extravagant hairstyles. Do not be afraid to use colors that are really bright. For great effect, dye your bangs and several front strands. It can be left natural for the rest of the hair.

Inverted Bob With Long Side Swept Bangs

Isnt that exquisite? Their length makes the whole look softer. We love the way they start back too. If your hair is thinner, youre going to want to incorporate less hair into your bangs, otherwise your hairs back wont look as full. This is because in a bob hairstyle, there wont be enough hair to create that much loved volume.

Very short inverted bob

If you are tired of long hair and are looking for something short to replace your hairstyle, you can try a very short inverted bob haircut. This choice is perfect for fine hair women. Its great too, because it requires little maintenance.

Pink Inverted Bob

This is a unique inverted bob styles version. The model has opted to go with a bright new hair color in the picture above. While there may not be a bold color on your agenda, there may be a new cut. In this hairstyle there is a rather dramatic inversion and in this cut there is also the usual stacked look for a bob. The pink shadow color is a unique style choice for each person. While you may not choose a color as dramatic, your style may be more of a slight variation in color.

Inverted Bob With Fringe

The ever-popular messy look of the inverted fringe bob. This cut has a very slight inversion, but this style is given a dimension by an added fringe. This hairstyle, coupled with a long side bang, is perfect for someone who wants to look relaxed. The layered cut is known to add volume to hairstyles as this cut is done in the above photograph.

Hair extensions

Searching for ways to improve your short bob? Go for extensions of hair. A weave can turn your bob into a real long hairstyle to show off the long locks youve always wanted. Hair extensions need to be handled periodically.
Check this trendsetter.

Trendy Balayage Bob Style

In this look, the balayage is flawless. We especially like how not only the blonde is confined to the bottom of the hair. It flows through the whole look. The brunette peaking through the blonde once again looks awesome and adds another dimension to it. It really explains this hairstyle feel. We definitely recommend that you check this one out. Especially when youre a balayage fan.

Blonde Bob Short

Are you looking for a shorter cut? Then look at this. Weve got a short inverted blonde bob here. The longest length is the length of the chin so you get the trendy look of the short bob. We love the cut as its pretty blunt, so it makes a statement. A blonde short bob like this will bring new life to your hair and take your hair from drab to fab.

Medium Bob Length

The best of both worlds. This do is perfect for all lovers with long hair. Its not even that short in the back so theres no need to think about getting a cold chest. If thats something people are really worried about. We like the incorporation in this look of highlights. Especially how they start as highlights and blend towards the ends in the only hair color. This style will still look great even as the hair begins to grow.

Stacked and neat</h2

Straight Clean And Gorgeous

The angle is impressive from short to long. And its also so clever. Not to mention that it is free from frizz. Top tip: the hair products are all about it. Theres a hair product you could use to make it ten times better, no matter what hairstyle youve got. Just look below at the model. You know shes going to use some kind of product or products to keep that look.

Choppy Blonde Bob

means that when your roots grow through it will still look just as beautiful. Youll also save time and money, which means youll be able to buy the bag youve been looking at.

Medium Bob With Face Framing Highlights

It just goes to show that all over your hair you dont have to have highlights. Only a small area can be illuminated. Take this style, for example, you can only highlight the hair around your face. Face-framing highlights are also perfect if you get highlights for the first time and you want to try them out before taking the plunge and getting your entire head done.

Inverted Copper Bob

If you go red, you dont have to go bright red. There are so many tones from which you can choose. If you want a more natural style, this hot coppery tone is perfect. Its also much easier to keep. You still need to use color protection hair products, but the color will take longer to fade. To you, which means less visits to the salon.

Copper Bob With Blonde Highlights

Really flawless is this inverted bob. Just look at how quickly the shades of copper melt towards the end into a dark blonde. Highlights are the best way to create a smoother look, not just to pick one uniform color. Not sure if youre a bob? Dont think about the ladies we protected you. This style is on the longer side, so you can always shorten it if you like it. And if youre not – just let it rise.

Bob Inverted With Blonde Highlights

Replace your look with a bob like this highlighted. With the longest length just passing the chin, the actual cut is quite short and the hair also has beautiful blonde highlights. This hairstyle is completed with beautiful messy layers. A bob like this will be great for the summer as the blonde will make your hair look sun-kissed and you will have a simple cut to handle.

A-line bob with a shadow

This sweet bob with a shadow looks great. If you have dark hair, ask the hairstylist to dye the top layer of it while leaving the rest of it natural. This shadow is going to make a really great impression. Just make sure you keep it smooth or you lose the color border.

Long Inverted Wavy Bobs

A long wavy bob is an option for girls who want long hair but dont want to worry about styling and care. Playing with such a length is cool by highlighting which helps you to add some intensity and visually shine. Be not afraid to experiment with it! With all the modern hairstylists being hopeless perfectionists, they love mess so much that they can not help themselves! And what are you aware of? A mess in your hair can make you perfect. Dont ask the question how? Look at the pictures. A messy hairstyle gives your hair a fresh look, creating a new large silhouette. Every lock seems to live its own life thats great for you: you can be sure that your hair is rough and ready to steal the show. A thick, messy bob colored in assorted pastel colors will die because you can see it with your own eyes. Highlights for soft balayage can also be useful. We want you to take a shot at these thoughts. You dont want to do that? Often, to achieve perfection, we need a mess so let this mess take place on your face! So have you decided to wear an inverted bob hairstyle in your favorite way? Come back whenever you want for more useful information. Styled by carolynn


The classics are known to be short black bob with blunt bangs. For women with long faces and fine hair, such haircut is best fitted. Short blunt bangs outline the eyes as a-line bob adds hair volume and style.

Short Gradual Bob

We discussed that at any duration a bob looks great. This is a great example of our next model. Shes wearing a very gradual, very short bob. For her faces natural curves, it fits very well.

Straight Clean Cut Bob

A classic could not be included. Simple is better at times. And why can you see. For this look, uniform colors look the best. Its an elegant style like that. It would be really hard to hide errors in this cut, so youre going to want to make sure you get someone you trust to cut your hair or, of course, a skilled professional. Use a hair product to help keep your hair shiny and stay straight for longer.

Short Inverted Bob

It is not appropriate to use this style of bob for long hair. Thats why its so flexible. Our bellows model displays a short inverted bob. It still provides layering around the necks back. To make this hairstyle even less maintenance, the front is cut short. Its great for women with short and round faces as well. It provides the same framing effect we discussed earlier as the round bob.

Messy Cut shopping

Another messy one! Well, we might not be able to leave it out now? Just take a look at it. It has a pretty choppy style, but the feathered ends give it a weightless look and overall feel. Its also really light. Usually all the shininess runs out of the door when you go messy. You dont need to dye your hair either. This bob proves that with natural hair and a trendy cut you can still look amazing.

Short and textured

Girls with thick hair can go for this short, textured, easy-to-make bob. D a few long bangs swept into the picture, making the hairstyle a bit messy. Youre going to love the result.

Long Swing Bob

This is a very common hairstyle at the moment. If youre looking for a hairstyle that gives you the best performance, then consider the long swing bob.

Long Inverted Bob

The long inverted bob style is great for people who want longer hair but look like a bob. It still uses layers in the back that are stacked. You have a long hair look from the front. This produces a look that is very elegant.

d several layers

Fine-hair girls may not get the volume they need from a simple inverted bob. Thats when the layers of the bob reach in. Layers will add some volume to the hairstyle and help make your simple bob completely different haircut.

Cheryl Cole Inverted Bob

For each type of inverted bob discussed in this article, there are as many different combinations available as there are people. Thats a great example of Cheryl Cole. We talked earlier about the long inverted bob. By lengthening the front to give the look of long hair, Cheryl adds her own style. Shes got the bobbing even more. Youd think shes got short hair from the back. Its a great look to guess everyone.

Short Blunt Cut Bob

A quick, stylish haircut is available next. With a blunt inverted cut, the bob is red. We love it because its so trendy and easy to wear. Hair like this will suit everybody and in any color it will look beautiful. Recreate the shorter length or try a little longer wearing the hair.

Round and asymmetric

Asian girls like round sports bobs. Make your bob even more special by growing the hair long on just one side, making it half inverted. The asymmetry on a round bob is going to look very stylish and help you make a statement.

Short inverted bob haircuts can also be sported wavy. This haircut looks even more textured when the hair is tossed, which in our view is totally awesome. If you want to recreate one of these looks, we would recommend the use of leave-in curl booster and the definition of gel for thin tresses and lightweight tresses. Hair stylists point out that such a wavy bob can be pulled off by any woman. Plus such hairstyles are quite slimming, making them ideal for round-faced women. Are you willing to try one?

Short bob with short bangs

and low maintenance

. To make an even better impression, you should add short blunt bangs.

Blue And Blonde Bob

Bored with your hair and would like to try something new? Then it might be fine this hairstyle! Here weve got an inverted bob colored in blonde light and bold blue. The colors are really jazzing up the hair and making a unique style and statement. You can recreate this look in any vibrant colors or try cutting.

Wedding weave

may not be what you want for your wedding. So you can add a weave to get any hairstyle the one special day you want. You can go back to your favorite haircut once the wedding is over.

Lob Style Balayage Highlights

It is much easier to manage lobs or long bobs than its shorter alternative. The added length ensures that in tons of different ways you can fashion them. Its both worlds best. If you like the look in your hair with chunkier highlights, you should definitely try the technique of balayage. Balayage is of French origin, meaning sweeping. Literally sweeping through your hair any color you like.

Trendy And Modern Bob

If you want a new hairstyle to make you stand out from the crowd, it might be perfect for you! This hair has the cut of the inverted bob and is asymmetric as well. It is shorter on one side than the other when hair is asymmetric. This is a unique and super cool cut that will make everyone look amazing.

Inverted Lob

has been completely refurbished in a bit of color and your once lifeless hair.

Purple Red Hair Idea

The multi-tone bob is super stylish and looks fabulous to anybody.

Chic Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Another chic and pretty bob is featured in the next hair idea. The hair on the front is much longer than it is on the back for this look. Even if the inverted cut is loud, it is still an easy look to wear that never goes out of style. On everyone, hair like this will look amazing.

Creative color play

If youre looking for a statement or just tired of standard haircuts, go for creative color play. To make your hairstyle fresh and unique, you can color just the front tips of your inverted bob. Experiment with various shades!

Great Medium Bob

A bob is a great way to make hair styling options available. Weve seen several different lengths of long bobs teased some to create a big hair look and some were flat. This model shows the biggest example weve seen of a medium bob. It perfectly frames her face and offers the benefits of not having hair on her neck. Getting ready in the morning or after work wouldnt take her long.

Dramatic Haircut Medium

Business at the back and party at the front. This bob is awesome. It looks like a bob looking very natural from behind and you wouldnt think any other way. But you can see the flawless way the hair was shaped with the front pulled back. In this do, theres so much size. And it also looks very natural. Dont worry if your hair isnt as thick as this model is naturally. A little back-combing and a hairspray spritz and youre done.

Trendy Haircut

Its the most natural style weve found. Whether youre someone who doesnt want to color their hair at all or someone whos so sick that they want to get back to their roots – literally – this look is for you. With this one its all about cutting. The choppier finishes the look of the edgier. To improve this hairstyle, you dont even need layers.

Sleek And Stylish Bob

Weve got a sleek and elegant bob next. The cut is fashionable and making statements because the angle is quite dramatic and the duration of the cut is obvious. The straight style emphasizes this even more. We love this modern and bold hairstyle for women who want a complete hair makeover.

Ombres are not as common as ever and are replaced by dark ones. Make your short bob even more stylish by almost invisible the color transition. Definitely, your sun-kissed dark will make some heads turn your way.

Sleek and elegant Long Bob Hairstyle

Heres another natural beauty out there for you. This bobs graduate is pretty subtle. Not too subtle, though, that you dont note. Its a great style like that. No layers, no curves, no fringe – the beauty is plain. Dont think youve got to pull this look off with black hair. Any color of hair would look beautiful. To keep it chic, just leave the frills out. 1060.jpg” />

Short Layered Bob With Bangs

This short inverted bob with bangs hairstyle is very much in line with modern hairstyle. While not being a true inverted cut of varying layers in size, it is still a very common hairstyle. Some might say that hanging on to their youth is a last-ditch effort. But we think that being confident in both your hairstyle and hair color is a beautiful thing.

Upside Down Bob Hairstyle

An upside-down bob hairstyle is not a daily description. It also has a side part and may fall into the category of the lob. While it works for different types of hair and colors, the model in the photo has a beautiful color of silver hair that is also extremely popular today. In an age when women have been constantly fighting the gray experience women now embrace it with prematurely dyeing their hair gray. This style has an aggressive inversion in the picture above and stacks neatly in the back.

Blonde Bob Short

This is a very unique style. Not that it wasnt the one or anything before. We really like the long front ends and how pretty steep is the flow from short to long. Make this look very dramatic. This styles blonde shades are so vivid. Perhaps theyre much happier when the sun shines on them. With this do, you can be sure that you will be noticed walking down the street. Stacked Short Bob With Highlights

What a great hairstyle! It looks like it took ages to create the whole thing. And perhaps it did. If this were us, we would be too afraid to touch it in the event that we ruined it. Scratch were not even going to want to move. The colors are amazing and the curls really help to highlight the various shaded tones in the style. Dont get us started on the back of the size. Were totally amazed.

Long straight and angled

You can go for a long straight and angled bob if you want a really impressive hairstyle. This hairstyle requires a lot of care while looking really original and amazing. You will need very frequent brushing to make the angles look neat. Its easy to look after.

Style volume

Volume volume volume volume. Youre going to love this look if you like a little boost in your body. Short choppy layers are definitely the way to go and they can also be managed so easily. The long wispy finishes that surround the head make the whole look much softer. Especially since the back looks quite uniform, its just a single color. This bobs matte look really adds to its edginess.

Bob With Bangs

is also a subtly inverted bob version with bangs. To add to this cut, there are different versions of bangs. This cut would also be complimented by a blunt bang or a baby bang. The baby bang is usually much shorter, though. The blonde hair color of the model also adds to this cut and style a degree of suspense. The inverted bob in this image is so subtle that it can be categorized almost as a normal bob, but a slight inversion allows it to be classified as an inverted bob.

Black Inverted Bob Long Front Layers

It may seem quite daunting to cut your hair short. This look is perfect if you are not willing to take the plunge in percentage points. Youre going to get all the volume and boost from having a bob but still have some length to play with in the front. A black jet bob is a stunning hairstyle and we definitely recommend it. Maintaining it is much easier than any other color that is certain.

Color Bob Haircut Splash

Hold on to your hats because its a real inverted bob hairstyle. Yes, it may be a little longer than you would expect, and certainly on the messier side of styles, but it cant be ignored that color job. This multicolored hairstyle hits an entirely new level of chaotic hairstyle, bordering on a mad move. To pull off this style and cut you need to swim confidently because this colorful hair will definitely attract attention of all kinds. On the edgy side, this style may seem a little, but its certainly a style that wont be forgotten soon.

Elegant Bob Haircut

There are sensational colors in this inverted bob. They only light up when they are reached by the sun. Just the way the bob flows from the back short to the front long. Chic and stylish. We love the way it reveals the dark blonde through the blonde beam. Thats such a big contrast. With any two tones, you could try this style. With pastel colors, it would look great.

Wavy Bob

Wavy hair poses several problems. It can be difficult to find a cut that works with your natural curls unless you want to spend a lot of time curling or straightening. But these days, were all strapped for time. So any lower-maintenance alternative is wonderful. With the wavy bob, thats exactly what you find. Our model has done some straightening but you can still see how a very classic look is created by her natural waves around the middle and end. This look is straight out of bed, she explains.

Asymmetrical Bob

This is due to many famous celebrities walking in different versions of the red carpet. While providing an extremely attractive look, it can be cut long, short or medium length. One of the drawings for this type of style is that it works in all face shapes for women.

Long Non-Bob

Multiple times we have stated that the bob is one of the most versatile cuts available. Thats what this model illustrates. Shes a longer bob we like to call a non-bob. We like to call it because you need to look very carefully to even notice its a bob. But it has the same benefits as long and flat bobs. If you look closely at her left shoulder, you can see how her hair is still bobbing in the back.

Wedge Stacked Bob

This image shows another popular bob haircut inverted. This style has a slight effect on the wedge but its not too dramatic. If the layers in the front were left longer then a very aggressive wedge shape would be taken by the wedge. But with this style being very common in womens haircuts over this may be a more oriented hairstyle towards a professional woman who frequently interacts with the public. This style also plays in favor of someone who has thin hair because of the stack in the back of the hairstyle cut adding volume.

Black And Blonde Inverted Bob

is such a stylish combination and the contrasting colors create a bold style that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Curly Lob

Look at this hair idea if you prefer longer haircuts. The hair is cut to a long inverted bob for this look. The front is quite long, as you can see, and the back has the length of the bob. This is just a trendy way to wear the theme. To women who want to try a shorter cut without being too drastic, its another great idea.

Blonde Highlights

Is your hair slightly sluggish and would you like to look a little glamorous? If that sounds like you, this hairstyle must be checked out. Here we have a beautiful blonde highlights updated inverted bob. The highlights and cut create a very chic and elegant hairstyle. To brighten your look, recreate the blonde hairstyle or you can try the cut in any color.

Medium length with side swept bangs

are the most common medium sized bobs and look great on almost all hair types. Such a bob will look amazing if your locks are wavy. D side bangs swept and your picture becomes even more stylish.

Rounded Long Bob

This bob style type is great for women with a round face. The hair is curving to the ends. To properly frame the face, the length pairs with the curve. As you can see from the model below, you dont even notice the hairstyle in the first place. Your eye is drawn to the eyes of the prototype immediately. In a great hairstyle, thats exactly what you want.

Sun-Kissed Inverted Bob

Perfect for spring … and also for summer! With the sun highlighting all the beautiful hues that run through this theme, youll feel like a million bucks. The sun will even help you to brighten your skin over time. Having it on the front for a long time makes this romantic look quite soft. The overall shadow makes for a perfect finish as the dark chocolate and blonde shades sweep through the hair effortlessly.

Long Bob with Bangs

is another beautiful example of the versatility of the inverted bob. Our model has a face that is slightly rounded. Well, the sides of the bob frame. Yet she wants to take care of her forehead as well. She can still better frame her face by letting the bangs expand and cutting them level with her eyebrows.

Wavy shadow

A wavy inverted bob with a shadow will look great. If your hair is wavy naturally, your hairstylist will have a lot of work to do to create an impressive angled bob. You can go further to experiment with colors if you want to stick to it.

Summery Blonde Bob

Are you looking for a new summer hairstyle? Then take a look at this next suggestion. This is a longer inverted bob colored in the shade of a light blonde. The cut is ideal for the hot weather, as it is easy to maintain and style, and the color will make the look brighter. Try this style of blonde or choose a warmer shade of blonde.

Bob and pixie mix creative

Bold Red Bob

Remember to try a new color and cut? Then look at the hairstyle. This hairstyle features a bold inverted cut and in a warm red shade the hair is colored. The red color and trendy cut create a hairstyle statement. Recreate this look or you can try a different color of the haircut, of course.

Short and cute

Bob is a great hairstyle for adding some cuteness to your picture. The shorter youre getting the cuter youre going to look at your bob. Do not make too long the frontal strings. Leave at the top of the nose. Make a few inches shorter on the back part.

If you dont want to wear your tresses super short, why not try a flat inverted bob? You will preserve the entire length by wearing it straight. We believe it is important to note the popularity of straight bobs among women of all ages. And this popularity is based on its practicality and suitability. It is recommended to use leave-in oil and volumizing mousse for styling hair gurus to obtain soft fixation. And many women love this particular straight look as its not hard to keep and wear it. This kind of style gives charm!

Medium Straight Bob Inverted

Save the best until last. Well, all the hairstyles are also incredible. The thin highlights keep the look of this style quite natural. You dont even need to get the highlights. They do add to the look, though, so we definitely recommend taking them into consideration. Its also a really good cutting angle and the choppy ends make it look even smoother. This hairstyle is smooth and perfect for all occasions.

Blonde Inverted Bob With Layers

This blonde bob must be one of the finest weve ever seen. The fade between the dark blonde and the light blonde is flawless, so this look is perfect if you want to look quite natural but still want to do a trendy thing. Check out those layers of choppy! We love to see the waves as well. We make the hair look so sloppy and give to the fashion quite a messy feel.

Dark Hair Bob


Inverted pixie

If your hair is too short to make a classic inverted bob, you can choose an elegant inverted pixie. The hair in the back is cut very short while it leaves the frontal strands longer. The bangs are also long and for further effect can be highlighted.

Stacked Inverted Bob

This inverted stacked bob has different layers throughout the slice. In this slice, there is no uniformity in the layers. Contrary to that, they are more attuned to happy accidents that are more randomly placed in this cut. The super long layers at the front of this cut enable a variety of styling options so you wont get bored getting stuck with one particular hairstyle. This hairstyle is particularly popular because of its ease of styling and it doesnt take much effort or time to do it. The inversion in this cut is dramatic enough. The design of the trademark horseshoe at the ends of the cut is easy to see.


Gold rose is now so in. Weve seen it more on accessories, so actually seeing it transition into the hair industry is so awesome. This is such an easy look and you can easily replicate it as well. Just tint your hair with a color of rose gold hair and then cut it into an inverted bob. You dont have to spend too long creating them for the curls. The better the looser.

Silky Bob Hair Style

This sweet inverted bob hairstyle is a great summer choice. There are different types of bobs that you can purchase such as the A-line classic and even asymmetric bobs, but none is as popular these days as the inverted bob. In contrast to a longer hairstyle, the multiple layers will add volume and provide a cooling effect. The balayage of the honey is perfect for the summer as the mix of blonde and brunette drips with cuteness. With this color combination, the stacking effect on the back of the cut is absolutely amazing.

Bob Angled

This bob style gives a different look depending on the angle from which you view it. The pictures below are a good illustration. You can clearly see the bob from the side. You get more of a shoulder-long look from the back. It offers a very low-maintenance hairstyle no matter how you look at it.

Medium Length

The medium length bob haircut provides a great medium between the shorter look that we saw in and the longer look that we just saw in It still offers the benefits that come with a haircut that properly frames the face and that is simply easy to care for. It also allows you to style it in multiple ways to create everything from a very “old school” to a very elegant look.

Fiery Bob Hairstyle

Love the red hair colors? Then this hairstyle could be perfect for you. The hair has the inverted cut and it is colored in a warm coppery color with lighter highlights. We love the color and it will definitely spice up your look. You can recreate this hairstyle or try the fiery colors on a longer inverted bob.

Wavy Highlighted Bob

There are many different ways to add depth to any hairstyle. This is true about the bob. Our model has created a look of hair that has incredible depth by using highlights with her bob. The look of great depth and body is aided by her wavy hair. The light hits the highlights in such a way that her hair’s natural body is accentuated. This is a wonderful example of how the bob can be used to accentuate the natural traits of any hair.

Messy Medium A-Line Bobs

Messy bob is one of the most versatile haircuts. Its’ plus is in its’ simplicity. This haircut does not need any care. Simply going in the morning on business put a little mousse on your hair and knead them with your hands. And if you ask your stylist to add a bright color shade be prepared for the fact that your hair will be admired all around!

To recreate one of these sassy looks start with washing your hair. While it is still wet apply medium hold hairspray gel preferably the one that has a heat protecting formula. In case you notice rhatany root in the list of ingredients grab that product as it will grant your tresses shine body fast drying and volume – everything we need for this hairstyle. Using a round brush and the heat tool you prefer style your tresses. Finish with dry finishing hair spray afterward. Such spray will add a dry texture effect to the style. In case you are searching for the look that is youthful versatile fun and spunky a wavy bob will work great for you. And you can rock such a hairstyle disregarding your hair type. This hairstyle will be especially flattering for oval triangle diamond and round faces. But add soft bangs in case your face shape is oblong or square.

Wavy Shoulder Length Inverted Bob

The waves in this graduated bob really do make the whole hairstyle come to life. They also accentuate the colours flowing through the hair. We really love the slight messiness to the look. It makes the hair look pretty effortless and really quite sexy too if we’re honest. Windswept messy we’ll call it. The fact the darker blonde can be seen peaking through the lighter blonde adds another dimension to the style.

Curly asymmetric bob

Not every hairstylist can turn your curly locks into a clean angled bob so more often than not youll have to settle for a short and messy bob. It will still look fantastic, no need to worry! To complete the look, d asymmetrical bangs.

Long Inverted Haircut

This inverted haircut has a very deep side that causes this cut to fall into the column of the lob hairstyle. In addition, the excessively long front layers can offer styling options from braiding to sweeping styles. For the natural blown look, this model has gone, but it would also work well for wavy hair. The volume given in this style is evident as with any layered style. The fine hair style of this design achieves a new life with the layers of this cut.


long front strands that make it look like an inverted bob. Try this mix with highlights and youre definitely going to be the focus of attention.

Finding the right inverted bob hairstyle is never easy. You can continue with the classics if youre afraid of wild experiments. To make your image even more fantastic, go on to more complicated and interesting bobs. Give a chance to a few of these bobs and youre going to love how you feel!

Long Inverted Bob Idea

A sleek long bob is included in the next idea. The hair on the front is a little longer than it is on the back for this look. It is a subtler difference in length that makes it perfect for those who do not want to be too bold to try the trend. A lob cut is great for women who want to try a shorter style without too dramatic a change.

Short Stacked Bob Haircut

This image is most definitely one of the hair industrys most common short inverted bob haircuts. This sleek, elegant version of an inverted bob with short layers in the back providing a very classy cut for the stacked effect. The stacked haircut is known to provide a hairstyle with depth and volume that would usually look thin and drab. The high stack at the back of the cut gives a full thick hair head illusion. This style is very common and has even been called a power cut for women in various business projects in leadership positions.

A Line

years have demonstrated to me that they are essentially the same thing, but they have different appearances. She even said that for graduates, inverted is just another term. Our example illustrates that it creates a very attractive look, no matter what you call it.

Classy Chin Length Bob

Well be showing you a very chic hairstyle next. The hair has a simple cut and just below the chin is the longest length. This is another easy-to-use style that looks beautiful to everyone. An inverted bob like this will also look amazing in any color, but for a bolder hairstyle we recommend trying a vibrant color.

Long Inverted Bob Caramel Highlights

Theres another lobby out there for you long-bob lovers. Chock-filled with tasty highlights of chocolate. This look is ideal if on the maintenance front you want to keep your hairstyle pretty low but still turn heads. In this style, the transition from chocolate to caramel tones is quite subtle. It really comes to life when the sun hits this hairstyle. This perfectly illuminates each hue – intensifying the whole feel. 1041.jpg” />

Straight Inverted Bob

Several examples of how an inverted bob can be designed to frame the face have been shown. It can be worn straight as well. This offers the planning ease that comes with a bob. Its also great for women who prefer to have flat hair and find it hard to get a more comprehensive look.

Bob Hairstyle Pastel

or more looks even better.

Get black!

Some women may find wild hair colors out of the question. But at least once you should try it all so why not start with your hair? A bright red bob with side swept bangs would look great for girls with light skin.

Short At The Back Long At The Front

You have to love how the hair curled inward at the back and pointed at the front of the hair. Just look at how valuable the tips are. At the bottom theres also a subtle lightness thats a really nice touch. In any color you might have this style as its such a simple cut. Even having an effect of two tones would also look amazing.

Curly Inverted Bob

For women with curly hair, our next fashion idea is great. Here we have a simple inverted cut on the back and on the front which is shorter and longer. As you can see, with curly hair this cut looks great! This look is easy to wear, and styling is quick. A bob like this will be the perfect way during the summer to tame your curls.

Black And Straight

Check this long elegant inverted bob design above. It is the epitome of a sophisticated, classy style that calls out for recognition. Due to the stylish angle of the inversion, this particular cut and style work best on straight hair. This cut with its long layers, accentuated by the black hair color of the model, provides a smooth, seamless style youre sure to adore.

Short blond bob with blunt bangs</h2


Simple short bobs look fantastic but sometimes women need some diversity. It is often not even considered to cut the bob even shorter. It might be frightening to taunt it with wild colors. And adding some fun accessories is the third way out.

Popular Bob Hairstyles: Wavy Ombre Layers

As we continue to explore inverted bob hairstyles, we come to this lovely cut and style. This layered haircut has very long layers at the front of the cut and gradually inverts as you move backwards. With its beautiful brightening tones, the brown ombre hair color is almost gleaming. The specific type of cutting compliments both wavy hairstyles and curly styles. With smooth straight hair, however, it may not fit well so you should add a few waves or twists with a curling iron.

Short Stacked Bob Haircut

If volume is definitely what youre going to get with this look. There is so much improvement in this hairstyle that we are super jealous. But most of it is normal size, were pretty sure. While there could certainly be some back-combing in the mix as well. This style is made up of many thin layers. They, too, are the reason for all this volume – well, some of it anyway.

Another Short Bob

Why are two short bobs included? We did this because we wanted to show that the form of your head is more about a bob than your type of body. Our template here shows that no matter what type of body you are, a short bob works well.

Shoulder Length Inverted Bob

It is not appropriate to use this style of bob for long hair. It can also be used with shoulder-length hair as illustrated by the model here. Bobs also dont have to be square. The model shows well that this hairstyle offers a complete look with a little teasing. Whether youre in the boardroom or out in the city, its great. Making the transition is very simple. Check all posts


on bob styles here for all the natural redheads out there. Oh how we want your hair to be realistic. Luckily, were in with a chance now. Well, were going to have to keep the color and get our roots done once in a while, but its worth it all. For spring and summer months, this oh-so-striking orange is perfect. Imagine walking down the street shining hair under the warm rays of the sun.

Messy blond bob

This messy medium-sized blonde bob is great for women who have wavy hair and are not able to go to great lengths to keep it straight. The bob is first designed to look great when its messy so theres no need to think about daily fashion.

Pastel Pink Inverted Bob

This hairstyle could be ideal if all the bold cuts and colors are not for you. The size variation is quite small and the standard version is the bob. You can try the trendy look with this, but the change is not too audacious. It allows you to wear the style in a chic manner without being too short to cut your hair.

Perhaps this awesome inverted bob hairstyles inspired you!