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Intel’s Latest License and 4 Dow Movers in MediaFrom the Rotten Tomatoes reviewers.

7. Until gaining fame with films like Boogie Nights and The Master Paul Thomas Anderson, Hard Eight (1996)

made his directorial debut with this film about a veteran gambler. A street-smart gambler named Sydney (Phillip Baker Hall) is offering in the movie to teach John (John C. Reilly) “a down and out loser” how to make casino gambling. As John falls in love with Clementine (Gwyneth Paltrow), a cocktail waitress and part-time prostitute, Sydney’s relationship with his protagonist becomes complicated after a few years of success. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson are also part of the impressive cast. 6.

The Color of Money (1986)

Made over 20 years after the original this Martin Scorsese movie continues the story of the character of Fast Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) introduced in The Hustler in 1961. This time, though, Eddie is the seasoned gambler, while the up-and-coming pool hustler is Vincent Lauria (Tom Cruise). In the film, the world-renowned Eddie teams up with Vincent and his girlfriend Carmen (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) to show them the pool hustling ins and outs. Yet Quick Eddie begins practicing after losing money to another hustler (Forest Whitaker) to take on Vincent himself in a professional pool tournament. While some film critics noted that Rotten Tomatoes ‘ approval rating was short of the number of reviews needed for a Certified Fresh seal. 5. Rain Man (1988)

Although this drama film is all about a self-absorbed yuppie reconnecting one of the main scenes in the film with his long-lost brother includes gambling. In the film Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) embarks with his autistic brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), who recently inherited the bulk of their dead father’s estate, on a cross-country road trip. After finding out that Raymond has preternatural mathematical abilities, Charlie takes his brother to Las Vegas to try to beat the casinos with a blackjack card-counting scheme at their own game. From Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Set in Chicago in the 1930s, this film, directed by George Roy Hill, tells the story of a group of con men planning an elaborate horseshoe betting scheme to get revenge on a criminal boss. In addition to conducting the off-track horserace betting con the characters in The Sting, various other gambling practices such as roulette and poker are also taking part. Paul Newman Robert Redford Robert Earl Jones and Robert Shaw are part of the film’s outstanding all-star cast. From Rotten Tomatoes ratings. While The Sting inspired the Sting II in 1983, the sequel was not as critically acclaimed as the original. 3.

House of Games (1987) Renowned playwright and screenwriter David Mamet made his directorial debut with this movie about a doctor who gets swept up in the underground gambling and con games world. In the movie psychiatrist Margaret Ford (Lindsay Crouse) a patient who’s a compulsive gambler is drawn into a high-stakes poker game. Though the game turns out to be a ruse for stealing her money, Margaret becomes enamored with con man (Joe Mantegna) and soon becomes embroiled in one of his double-crossing schemes. The screenwriter is generally insane to think he can direct a film that Roger Ebertapproval wrote from the Rotten Tomatoes critics ranking. 2.

IMDb. Croupier (2000)

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