I Am Jazz: Fans

I Am Jazz: FansLauren Weiler 12 November 2018 Miley Cyrus is best remembered for her divisive antics (and of course her signature tongue-out smile). But for her catchy tunes we all know her and a genuine love for her husband Liam Hemsworththe couple loves to keep us wondering what their marital status is. And although they have obviously gone through some rough patches they have managed to work through their differences and remain together since they first started dating in 2010. Today Miley is recognised on the big screen for her music and for her previous role on The Voice while Liam is known for his popularity. But who manages to make more money?

Miley got her start making money on TV 6/6.953 6/6.953 Miley Cyrus David Becker / Getty Images for Clear Channel It is no secret that Miley has a very famous father — but apart from that, she has started making her own money very early on. Cosmopolitan reports Miley was reportedly paying $15,000 a season while she was recording five years with Hannah Montana. That was around $450000 per season overall. Though in the past Miley claimed that she was one of the cast members who was paid the least this is still a lot of money. When Miley was aged she wanted to separate herself from her pop music from her Hannah Montana days — but that wasn’t the last time we saw her on TV. She has also been a judge on The Voice more recently. And it’s noted she was making $13 million here per season. Not so bad.

6/6.954 6/6.954 Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Rich Polk / Getty Images for Disney Her TV appearances certainly helped her to build her net worth but it was Miley’s music at the end of the day that kept her career going. Over the years, she’s hit after hit and Cosmopolitan states she’s won $25 million in single-digital downloads alone. One of her most popular songs, “Party in the USA” has provided her with $7 million all alone. And one of the most lucrative elements of making music hits will of course go on tour. The report notes that her $62.9 million alone was raised by the starlet’s Bangerz tour — and that does not include any items that her fans have bought while watching her shows. Liam Hemsworth Anthony Harvey / Getty Images Miley certainly does a lot but neither does her partner Liam Hemsworth hurt for money. While you may know his older brother Chris Hemsworth is known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Liam has been in many of his own films. The Cinemaholic states that his highest-grossing movies were The Dressmaker and the Hunger Games movies followed by The Expendables 2. The paper states Liam was also the one who purchased his Malibu home where he and Miley lived. Unfortunately Miley mentions that she has recently lost the house to the wildfires in California. The house is said to have cost about $7 million.

According to the Gazette Review Liam’s total net worth is $16 million due to his film roles. While this is still plenty of money for the average American, it’s way behind the valuation of Miley — and his brother Chris has also acquired a bigger fortune worth $60 million in net worth. However, Liam still expects film roles for the future, and we believe he’ll build up his net worth over time, even though he’ll never have the same interest as his ultra-rich girlfriend. The Cheat Facebook Sheet!