Hugh Grant – Biography of Hugh Grant

Hugh grant was born in 1960 in London, England. Is son of Fynvola Susan and from Captain James Murray Grant. His family has ancestors of the aristocracy, warriors and Empire builders, of Anglo-Scottish origin.

His father was trained at Sandhurst and served with the Seaforth Highlanders for eight years in Malaya, Germany and Scotland. He also owned a carpet factory and was dedicated to painting. His mother was the great-granddaughter of Sir Evan Colville Nepean, whose father, the reverend Canon Evan Nepean, served as the canon of Westminster and was a member of the court of Queen Victoria. His mother worked as a teacher and taught Latin, French and music in West London state schools. He died at age 63 of pancreatic cancer.

The famous accent of Hugh, is inherited from his mother and thus also his acting skills. He has described his upbringing as carried out within a common middle-class family. He has an older brother named James Grant, who is a successful executive at JPMorgan Chase in New York.

Hugh began his education in high school Wetherby School. From 1963 to 1978, he attended Latymer Upper School on a scholarship and played rugby, cricket and football for school. He also represented Latymer in the famous show “Top of the Form”, An academic competition between teams of four schools.

He was described by one of his teachers, as a smart boy among smart boys. In 1979, he won the scholarship Galsworthy for him New College, Oxford, where he studied English literature and graduated with honors.

At this time, viewing acting as just entertainment, he joined the Oxford University Dramatic Society and starred in the famous production “Twelfth night”.

After making his debut as Hughie grant, in the Oxford production, “Privileged”(1982), he had a variety of jobs: he wrote literary reviews, was an assistant park keeper at Fulham Football Club, tried to teach, wrote comedy skits, and was hired by Talkback Productions to write and produce radio commercials for products like the Mighty White. Bread, among others.

He joined the repertoire of the Nottinghamn Playhouse and lived for a year in Park Terrace. Bored with small roles, he created his own comedy group with his friends Chris Lang and Andy Taylor, which was called The Jockeys of Norfolk. He himself toured that included The George IV (Chiswick), the Canal Café Theater (Little Venice), and The King’s Head (Islington).

Having started from the bottom, they eventually proved their success at the Edinburgh Festival with their sketch “Nativity“, Being later hired by the BBC2 to broadcast it on the program”Edinburgh Nights”.

Around this time he appeared in works such as “An Inspector Calls”, “Lady Windemere`s Fan” Y “Coriolanus”.

His first leading role came with the Edwardian drama “Maurice”(1987), which was co-starred by Rupert Graves, and adapted from the novel by EM Forster. This performance earned him a best actor award at the Venice festival.

Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, his film work was strewn with secondary roles such as “Dawn” (1988) with Anthony Hopkins, “The lair of the White Worm “ (1988) with Catherine Oxemberg, “Rowing the wind “ (1988) with Elizabeth hurley.

In 1992, he appeared in the movie Roman Polanski,Ice Moons “, with Kristin Scott Thomas Y Peter coyote. In it he played an annoying British tourist who, being married, is attracted to a French woman and her paraplegic husband.

Other performances include movies like “Private passions of a woman”(1991) with Judy Davis and in which he played Chopin, “What remains of the day “(1993) with Emma thompson, Anthony Hopkins Y Christopher reeve, Y “Mermaids” (1994) with Sam neil Y Portia de Rossi.

At 32 he was about to abandon his acting career, when he came across the script for a film called “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. This included Kristin Scott Thomas, Andie macdowell, among others and became the box office success of the moment, grossing about 244 million dollars, and turning Hugh into an international star. She was nominated for two awards Oscar and led Grant to win his one and only Golden globe and a BAFTA.

In 1995, her first Hollywood movie took place, in the comedy of Chis columbus, “Nine months”, which included Julianne Moore as a co-star already Robin williams, Joan Cusack, Y Jeff goldblum. However, although it was well received by the audience, it was not so with the criticism.

That same year, he was seen with Emma thompson, in the Oscar-winning adaptation, “Sense and Feelings”, Based on the novel by Jane Austen, in which they also participated Kate winslet Y Alan Rickman. It was also part of “The Englishman who climbed a hill but under a mountain”.

Before being released “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, Grant made with this same director “An unusual adventure“, next to Alan Rickman. It was highly highlighted by critics, in terms of the versatility shown by Grant in his role as a mischievous and pompous orchestra conductor, set in the post-war period.

His debut as a producer was with “When crossing the limit “ (1996), which was co-starred by Sarah Jessica Parker Y Gene Hackman and that it had neither public nor critical scope.

After three years of absence, he returned in 1999, with Julia Roberts, on “Notting Hill”. This new production, which included many of those responsible for the previous “Four weddings .. “, set a new limit by being the highest grossing British film in cinema history. It also became the prototype of the romantic comedy of the time and was highly appreciated by critics.

Hugh He also launched his second production “Mickey Blue Eyes “, that same year. It was rejected by critics and had a medium reach in terms of its collection, giving the actor mixed reviews for his performance.

In 2000, “Medium-Haired Rascals “, directed by Woody Allen. His role in it was described as a perfect mix of charm and evil premeditation.

A year later, he had the role of the sexist and self-centered editor Daniel Cleaver, on “The diaryof Bridget Jones”, which was co-starred by Renee Zellwegger Y Colin firth. The film was adapted from the novel by Helen fielding and it was an international hit, earning about $ 281 million around the world.

In 2002, he found Hugh of the command of Sandra Bullock, on “Love with Notice”, Which had a wide international repercussion but was judged as poor by critics.

The movie “A big boy”, Of that same year, was appreciated in almost all the world, and obtained a nomination to the Oscar. Her performance, which was accompanied by that of the actress Rachel Weisz, which he describes as immaculately comic and the film’s romantic approach followed a non-traditional but rather refreshing and authentic line. For this, Hugh was named best actor in England by the London Critics Circle.

In 2003, he was part of “Love Actually”, Which had a great cast, including Emma thompson, Keira Knightley,Alan Rickman, Colin firth, Liam Neeson, among others. In it he played the British Prime Minister. Although many hailed her charismatic and handsome version of such a transcendent political figure, others nevertheless described her as too sexist and narcissistic for such a character.

In 2004, she reinterpreted her role as Daniel Cleaver, on “Bridget Jones, I will survive “, again next to Renee Zellwegger Y Colin firth. Like its first part, it was hugely grossed.

After the latter, he was absent from the screen for almost two years, returning with Paul Weitz, for the black comedy “American dreamz” with Mandy moore Y Dennis Quaid. In it he played a host of a show looking for aspiring singers, similar to the famous “American Idol”, mixing characteristics of Simon Cowell Y Ryan seacrest. His performance was outstanding but not so, his box office.

During 2007, he was seen with drew Barrymore in a parody of pop culture and the music industry. The movie was called “Music and Lyrics”And for his role as a former pop singer, Grant he must have prepared himself by learning to sing, play the piano and dance.

Soon he will be seen in “Lost for Words”, To be released in 2009.

In his career as a director, he began by signing a two-year contract with the firm Castle Rock Entertainment, and founding the production company Simian Films Limited. I place his girlfriend back then, Elizabeth hurley., as the person in charge of looking for new projects for the firm.
During the ’90s, he produced two films: “When crossing the boundary” Y “Mickey Blue eyes”. However, although Grant He resigned from his position as director at the end of 2005, he has stated that his interest in the direction persists.

He has been part of the supervisory board of IM Internationalmedia AG, a powerful German film company and also from, Hogarth Pictures.

Grant He has called being a movie star “A mistake”, and has expressed his wish that this “Job” be nothing more than a phase of his life. A self-declared perfectionist on film sets, he has always preferred to take a neutral position regarding his career and work with friends or colleagues from previous productions. Your choice of roles is based on how well the scripts are written and what angle of your personality they stand out.

Most of his films follow a similar plot, in which an optimistic and somewhat naive single finds himself immersed in a series of embarrassing situations until he finds true love, often with an American woman. He has used his multiple facial expressions and stuttering for a variety of roles, and has confessed not being able to cry, not even with the use of menthol.

He has always preferred comedy over dramatic roles, considering it as difficult, and even more difficult, than drama.In several interviews, he has confessed his disinterest in acting, having started in it as a way of having fun, and considering it a way It would not be to arrive and pass adulthood.

Likewise, his relationship with the press and the media has always been unsuccessful, showing reserved, cynical, prejudiced and without any interest due to the impact of his statements on himself, colleagues or his work in general.

In his personal life, he is known for his protected privacy, not sharing his relationships with the media and avoiding possible questions, with comical answers.

He has been in a relationship with the model Elizabeth hurley, whom he met in the production of “Rowing the wind”. Half of their relationship was in the focus of the press due to the growing popularity of both parties. Finally, after thirteen years of courtship, and with a scandalous infidelity involved, by Grant (with the prostitute Divine Brown), they both ended amicably.

In 2004, she began dating Jemima khan under the intense scrutiny of the English tabloids. Three years later, the publicist of Grant announced that the couple had parted on good terms.

Hugh is a member of society Marie Curie Cancer Care.

His hobbies include golf, which he calls himself an “addict”, and football, whose passion has come from his teens, when he was a member of his school’s team.