How Your Hairstyle Affects Your Dating Success

Studies reveal that your hairstyle impacts your perception and dating outcomes. More than 74% notice women because of their hairstyle. A high percentage of men are more likely to approach a lady with great hair than one wearing a low-cut shirt. Well-kept hair shows that a woman is responsible, attentive, classy, and takes pride in her appearance. Essentially, these are all characteristics men look for in ladies when search dating sites. With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways that your hairstyle affects your dating success:

It Helps Older Women to Attract Younger Men


Younger men seek distinctive physical traits in cougars, including longer, healthier hair. For this reason, most cougars wear modern hairstyles to ensure they look stunning, which attracts younger men seeking older ladies. When younger men join a cougar chat on a dating site, the first thing they do is to check their profile photo and what they are seeking. So make sure that your hair is attractive and shows your personality.

Cougars make their hair as attractive as possible because they know it triggers a primal and instinctive response in younger men. Your hairstyle serves as a frame that illustrates your beauty. A cougar with gorgeous hair also seduces younger men fast. Good is undoubtedly a turn-on.


It Shows How Responsible You Are


Your hairstyle has an impact on how people perceive you. That means it can make or break your probability of landing dates. First impressions are crucial in the dating game. Caring for your hair will make men get attracted to you because it shows them you are responsible.

What’s more? The hairstyle you wear gives non-verbal clues to your personality. Men perceive cropped or short hairstyles as a signal of confidence, and straight hair shows that you are being more formal. Short hair also indicates you do not like wasting time on your hair, so men see it as less sexy. Wearing curly hair shows people that you are a fun-loving woman with a warm-hearted personality. Men love a woman with a fiery personality. Wearing this hairstyle will increase your chances of finding dates.


Good Hair Enhances Looks


If you have a valuable photo, you will frame it to enhance the image. That is what hair does to women. Hairstyling is indeed an art form in itself, and it enhances the beauty of a woman. That means more men will approach you if your hair looks great. Men notice how women groom themselves before meeting them. And this includes the hairstyle they wear. It makes a statement about what type of a person you are and sets the tone for interactions with people you meet for the first time on a date.

In addition, silky shiny hair testifies to the health of their owner; and may even reduce your age! Therefore, taking care of hair is a regular part of the routine of older women who want to attract young successful men on dating sites or at workplace, and a youthful appearance is very useful for this!

A Good Hairstyle Gives You Confidence


Wearing a good hairstyle will make you feel in control of yourself. In turn, this will make you feel confident. Being confident when communicating with potential partners will ensure you secure dates. Confidence is attractive, and many men want to date a woman who knows what they want. With a bad hairstyle, you’ll come off as a lazy woman who has low self-esteem.


Now that you know your hairstyle makes you look more attractive to men. That means it can significantly improve your chances of landing dates. As such, you might want to consider your hairstyle before making a decision that could affect the outcomes of your dating life. Whether you choose to pull your hair up into a messy bun or wear it long and straight, remember that your hair says a lot about your personality. There are loads of different styles, with each meaning something different about you.