How to win a Pisces man

How to win a Pisces man

The pisces man he is used to being sensitive and romantic, but above all a dreamer. This fact makes them attract everything that has to do with the arts, so to win him over you can take him to museums or dance recitals. Always adopting a loving and romantic attitude, try to connect with him on a spiritual level so that he takes an interest in you. On the other hand, you should take advantage of their insecurity to flatter them regularly, something that will give them confidence and motivate them to want to continue seeing you. These and other instructions are the ones that we propose in OneHowTo so that you can achieve conquer a Pisces man.

Steps to follow:


The Pisces man is a sensitive being who needs to be given emotional support and confidence to open up in love. Therefore, to win him over, he always adopts a romantic position, shows a loving attitude towards him and tries to understand what he feels despite his silence through his gestures and moods, since they are very reserved.

If you’re going to be romantic, light scented candles, put on relaxing music in the background and prepare a delicious dinner for two in the privacy of your home. In this way, he will feel special and will thank you by increasing his interest in you.

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If you want to attract the attention of a pisces man bet on telling him your worries and making him empathize with you, since they are characterized by be incredibly compassionate and they do not tolerate injustices. His receptivity and generosity will benefit you when it comes to seducing him, as it will initiate the approach to you.


On the other hand, you should keep in mind that Pisces are inveterate dreamers, so try not to be too inflexible and realistic in front of him because you will scare him away. In addition, you will need to connect spiritually with this sign so that he is interested in you, and not only on a sexual and physical level: emotions are very important to him, so forget about the superficial aspects.


The Pisces they don’t have a lot of self-esteem, so if you boost their ego with compliments and nice comments on it, it will make him feel very comfortable next to you and he will feel more secure: be gentle. Also, use a gentle tone and attitude, but be sure to do it firmly, because he likes women a little domineering.

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Also, you will have to learn to be understanding with these Pisces, as they are often attracted to other women. Although that does not mean that they prefer them before you, this aspect is something innate that they cannot avoid. So forget jealousy And she keeps fighting to be the only one she really wants to be with.


Lovers of the arts, they enjoy activities related to music, painting or dance, as their developed creative level allows an escape route from their dreams. If you pretend conquer a pisces man It is essential that you show interest in activities of this type and invite them to recitals, a play or an interesting museum.


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