How to win a Leo woman

How to win a Leo woman

You like a Leo woman and do you want to conquer it? Well, in case you were unaware, Leo women have a lot of character and have some peculiarity that makes them very special. She is the queen of the pack, powerful, proud and with a very touchy personality. If you have fallen in love or want to seduce her, from we are going to tell you how to conquer a Leo woman so that it falls at your feet.

Steps to follow:


Leo women are a fire sign with a lot of character and with things very clear. Until they get what they want, they don’t stop. They are very proud, confident and pursue their goals. They are very happy to get what they want especially because they get it on their own merits, never cheating. They are very competitive, and they enjoy the fight, they love to feel strong and powerful.


The Leo woman is strong, independent and with a lot of initiative. They don’t like to feel tied down, but they are trustworthy women as long as they have the enough freedom to move wide. It’s not to say that they don’t like having a partner, but they love having a partner who respects their time and privacy. In intimacy, the Leo woman is very passionate and hopes that her partner is too. She will love a man who meets her needs, loves her, and wants her. You feel like you deserve the best, so give it to him.


If you want to seduce a Leo woman, you must get to flatter her. Show your interest, that you admire it, and that you love the way it is. Tell him that you like the way he is in every way. If you can get their attention, try to make it a challenge, Leo women love to pursue goals and may lose interest once they are achieved.


Are very talkative and funny, so be able to maintain a relaxed and friendly chat. Listen, and enjoy their comments. She will like to feel that you enjoy talking to her and what she is telling you. But don’t confuse her open conversation with her telling you about her feelings. She is somewhat introverted in these matters, but if she talks about herself sincerely, she likes you a lot. She likes to be cared for, pampered and not out of selfishness. But because he likes to feel like the center of attention, and a good cultural detail is sure to enchant him.


They adore an exciting life, they like to feel desired, and with a life full of surprises. If you can keep the interest of a Leo woman, you will not lose her. She hopes life is a fun challenge and if you are like that, you will seduce her. Be daring, bet on adventure and don’t get distracted by others, she wants and needs to be the center, she doesn’t like to be the second course.


Never hurt the pride of a Leo woman, because you won’t have a chance. Try to talk to her and find out what she is like, so as not to offend her with future comments. If you tease her or touch her pride, she won’t bother to have anything to do with you again. It is a very sensitive subject and the Leo woman is very touchy.

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