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The Best (and Worst) Store Credit Cards to Have in Your Wallet Lauren HamerTwitter More July 19, 2018 7/7.172 7/7.172 Companies are trying to get you to sign up. BernardaSv / iStock / Getty Images Senior industry analyst Matt Schulz alerts readers that retailers are upping their rewards game in an attempt to entice customers to sign up for their high-interest credit offerings. The average retail card rate is so absurdly high that it should look elsewhere for customers who will carry a balance. Even if you get a 10 percent or 15 percent discount on what you buy with that voucher, if you don’t pay your bill in full at the end of the month, the math will work against you in a hurry. According to the retail card survey by, the average overall credit card APR currently stands at 16.15 per cent. This number is much higher for store credit cards “a whopping 24.99 percent. High APRs are often the sturdiest nail in the coffin that causes Americans to get behind on payments every day while playing a never-ending catch-up loop.

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Eric Schaal More Articles The beginning of each series was familiar for viewers of The View long ago. After an announcer runs down the day’s guests and agenda the co-hosts are having their introductions. Then you see the ladies come out remembering the crowd in the room, and sitting down. Whoopi GoldbergSunny Hostin appears to have bigger smiles to go with. As for Meghan McCain, you’ll always see the most conservative co-host of the series seated with a scowl. You can see why she could be frustrated after years of watching McCain fight with colleagues on the show. But the reasons for McCain go beyond the normal tension in the workplace.

McCain seems frustrated as the most conservative co-host of the show—Raw Story (@RawStory) February 14, 2020 Hilary Estey McLoughlin, senior executive producer at The View, pointed out McCain’s sources of stress. “What’s going on with Meghan … she’s very emotional and she feels very strongly that she’s wearing this torch for the conservative perspective,” McLoughlin told The Daily Beast. “What she wants to talk about is so important to her — I guess it’s the aspect that’s the most stressful for her.” McLoughlin also admitted that sometimes every conservative voice on The View will go hard. “For sure, it’s the toughest job on the show,” she said. The low temperature of McCain causes other challenges on the air 6/6.892 6/6.892 While The View has seen its share of conservative co-hosts over the years, none have had anything approaching McCain’s temper. You will see that on every given day, during the discussions. Behar or Hostin make a point for a moment; the next McCain raises her voice and talks about them. It also contributes to yelling. In moments like these politics, the heated debates don’t really play a role. The Republican guest-host Ana Navarro on the show appears to have as many dust-ups with McCain as Behar does. (In 2019 McCain stormed off the set after an altercation with Navarro.) Meghan McCain STORMS off The View after arguing with Ana Navarro — Splinter (@splinter news) September 20, 2019 And McCain often addresses how she feels politically outnumbered on the show. That applies to the audience in the studio too. She told ET in November ‘ 19 when the audience voices its criticism of her she feels hurt. “It’s very hard to get booed” she said. “I don’t like when the audience does that.” In short, this isn’t as easy as being the only conservative on the show as McCain. Even a so-called friend of Abby Huntsman McCain (who is also a conservative) felt her colleague’s wrath. That was one explanation why Huntsman had quit The View. You’ve got to start connecting the dots after a while. Why did Abby Huntsman