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Fortnite produces $100 million in iOs sales in just 90 daysByNitish Singh-June 20, 2018.411 Fortnite is just the second application to achieve the feat on iOs devices with Clash Royale being the only other title to achieve the feat. The revenue numbers are quite impressive especially given that the app has been in a 12-week invite-only state that is likely to have impeded revenue generation. Epic Games ‘ hit game Fortnite breaks record after record with the battle royale shooter producing only 90 days of $100 million in iOsin sales. Before the public release of the game on iOs Fortnite was in a process of invitation-only which is likely to have adversely affected its revenue generation. Right now, Battle Royale games are extremely popular with several developers seeking to compete for the top spot. Although PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds popularized the Fortnite genre with its highly optimized and free-to-play offering, they managed to snatch the crown of Tencent Games. Because of the building mechanics and cartoon graphics the promise of Epic Games is quite different from other titles out there. .412.412 Fortnite’s sales milestone of $100 million is foreshadowed by Clash Royale alone who managed to hit the $100 million mark in just 51 days compared to Fortnite’s 90. The Battlegrounds of PlayerUnknown have been out for more than 60 days, and are far from the $100 million mark. According to news, Pubg has only managed to make gross revenue of $5.2 million as the game struggled to find the right monetization approach while its biggest competitor raked in big money. Epic Games derives its revenue mostly from the $10 Battle Pass, which provides seasonal items and bonuses to help players compete more quickly for cosmetics. Due to the lack of malicious loot boxes and random items, the monetisation strategy has served Epic Games well. All users are given access to the same items if they pay every season for the fight pass. The game is currently only available for mobile platforms on iOs and an Android version of Nintendo Switch is expected.