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PureVpn’s No-Log Policy External Auditor VerifiedPureVpn appointed external auditor Altius It confirms its no-logs policy. The auditor stated that no user identification data is kept on their systems by PureVpn. The company merely stores a few simple usage data to help them better serve their customers. PureVpn, the virtual private network service based in Hong Kong operated by Gz Systems Ltd., has hired an independent auditor to validate its “no-logs” policy. The auditor is Altius It, a technology specialist based in California with more than 25 years of experience in it audits penetration testing and cybersecurity. The no-logs policy asserted by PureVpn is simply a guarantee that the firm will not store user data on its systems. Although many like to advertise their services as few in fact employ an independent third party to check and validate the claims. We have seen such audits go well for ExpressVpnordVpntunnelBear and PureVpn is entering a small club of trustworthy Vpn vendors with their Altius It audit. So here’s what Altius had to say about PureVpn:ByTechNadu Staff-June 12, 2017.1100 There were some fascinating hardware and software announcements at the 2017 Apple World Wide Developers Conference on June 6 th. The conference released iOs 11 as planned and the first Beta version for the developers came with it. iOs 11 contains a series of new features and enhancements such as a redefined App Store and Control Center Unified Notification Center Smarter Siri Screen Recorder etc. The iOs Beta version for iPhone iPad and iPod touch has been released. You can quickly download and install the Beta version and check out the new features if you have a Developer account (which costs $99 Usd per year) But if you have no Developer account and still want to use iOs 11, there’s also a way to do that. On which devices is compatible with iOs 11? Iphone 7 7 Plus 6s Plus 6s Plus 6 Plus 6 Plus Se 5s iPad Pro 12.9 inch (first and second gene) Pro 10.5 inch Pro 9.7 inch Air 2 Air iPad(2017) iPad mini 4 mini 3 mini 2 iPod Touch 6th gene

If your computer is capable of supporting iOs 11 and you are prepared to take a little risk, you can download and install the test. Simply download and install the configuration profile as with any other software update. Step 2: Download release. You will now be sent to the Beta App Profile of iOs. Step 3: Tap Install and your passcode will be entered. Phase 4: Re-tap Instal l. Step 6: Go to Settings and pick General Step 7 after the system is rebooted: Press System Update. The Beta page for iOs 11 Creator appears. Step 8: Press Install and Open. The Update is about 1.9Gb in size. You are now able to use iOs 11 Beta version after the update is complete. Issues to be noted: Whether Apple closes the loophole or you want to downgrade it to iOs 10.3.2 or iOs 10.3.1 only. To do so, you will need an iTunes machine. Make sure your computer gets full backup through iTunes or iCloud. When you take backup after upgrading to iOs 11, when you downgrade to older software, it is not possible to restor it. Now you’re all set to take advantage of iOs 11’s new features. Notice also that the beta version is regularly updated, and you will receive it as soon as it is released. But keep in mind that the beta-version bugs can slow your device down.